The AYANEO Pocket DMG Is the Company’s First Vertical Retro Handheld

Hot on the heels of revealing the Retro Mini PC, AYANEO has teased its first vertical retro handheld, the AYANEO Pocket DMG.

While this isn’t a full reveal, AYANEO did release some close-up images of the console in the announcement post. From the looks of things, the Pocket DMG takes the popular design found in the Super Pocket and Retroid Pocket and adds an AYANEO spin, namely high-quality, sleek materials. 

Promo shots of the AYANEO DMG showing the black console from different angles.

The Pocket DMG itself features a vertical design not too dissimilar from that of the Nintendo Game Boy, albeit with an analog stick thrown in. That’s sure to help when it comes to emulators that need a stick like Dreamcast and N64. 

Price, power, and a full look at the console’s features are yet to be revealed. I have, however, made a mockup of what I think the console will look like below based on what images we do have.

A mockup by RetroResolve/Wesley Copeland to show what the AYANEO DMG could look like.

AYANEO recently released the Pocket Air handheld, which I truly believe is the best Android handheld out there. It’s stylish, can run most systems, and Android means you can download emulator apps directly from the Google Play Store. If you’d like to learn, click here to view the written and video review of the handheld.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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