RetroResolve was started by veteran video games journalist Wesley Copeland and has become the destination for gaming handheld news, reviews, and guides. Whether it’s the Steam Deck, the ASUS ROG Ally, AYANEO, or anything in between, RetroResolve is all about the latest gaming handheld consoles and must-have peripherals.

Site Mission.

To provide a destination for handheld gamers looking for the latest news, reviews, and guides for video games. Whether it’s retro games from the past, modern AAA, or indie video games, RetroResolve is the place to go for quick and easy-to-understand information.

Review Policy.

Transparency is key to all reviews on RetroResolve. That’s why we always state where the review code or product comes from. If you don’t see anything, that’s because we paid for it ourselves to make sure we can still provide crucial advice to readers.

Here at RetroResolve, we don’t use a scoring scale of 1-to-10. Instead, we either recommend a product or we don’t. This approach helps to keep things simple: Either the product is worthy of your time and money, or it isn’t.

Video games and peripheral reviews at RetroResolve work slightly differently from other sites. A product review – like a headset, controller, or handheld – will go in-depth into what makes it good or what makes it bad. We also strive to make as much information as easy to understand as possible. Terms like “teraflops” mean nothing to the broader reader, so we’ll always simplify everything so you can make a decision based on understandable facts rather than marketing jargon.

With video game reviews, we’ll give you a brief idea of if the game is good, but our main focus falls on how the title performs and what the best settings are. That’s because with handhelds like the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, or Legion Go, video games aren’t always designed with niche handhelds in mind, so it’s our job to work out whether you should or shouldn’t play specific video games on those types of consoles.

Guides Policy.

The goal at RetroResolve when it comes to guides is to be better than anything else that’s out there.

How many times have you read a video game or hardware guide and felt the article isn’t in-depth enough or uses terms only hardcore gamers understand? We don’t do that here. There’s no such thing as a “left-click” at RetroResolve. We’ll specify which button you need to press instead of using tech speak so everyone can read and understand our guides. 

We also go in heavy with custom images or photos so you can follow along every step of the way. 

As a site, we keep our guides updated with the latest info. If you have any questions or think something needs updating, feel free to hit us up via the contact page.

AI Policy.

RetroResolve does not use artificial intelligence (AI) in any form. While we recognize AI could potentially be beneficial to certain sectors, we are a people-first company. We understand why and how something works, and go the extra mile to produce in-depth, understandable content. 

Simply put, AI can’t do what we do. There will always be nuances to video game news and guides that a computer can’t match. AI also can’t go hands-on with the latest products, which is crucial to what we do.

Want to Work with RetroResolve?

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Please note: We do not accept money in exchange for any kind of positive coverage.