Someone Got Red Dead Redemption Running on Yuzu

Thinking about playing the Switch version of Red Dead Redemption on Yuzu? You probably shouldn’t it turns out. 

One Reddit user by the name of Master_Ad_7748 decided to try running the newly-released port on the Steam Deck through the use of the popular Switch emulator Yuzu. Judging from the screenshots they posted, the game runs at 22 frames per second on the Steam Deck, though there are reports the ASUS ROG Ally is able to run the game at 30 frames per second. Just expect a ton of bugs and visual glitches as the team at Yuzu hasn’t had a chance to even begin getting Yuzu Red Dead-ready. 

For those who missed it, the Red Dead Redemption port – available digitally on Switch and PS4 – doesn’t do much to revitalize the original cowboy classic. The framerate remains locked at 30 frames per second and while it does make some use of the newer hardware, it’s largely the same game released in 2010. 

There’s also still no mention of a PC version. Boo.

Should You Try This?

I’m going to go with a firm ‘no’. For a start, dumping Switch games in general can get you in hot water. Nintendo believes lockpick – the tech designed to bypass Switch security – is breaking copyright law. Plus if you have the game on Switch to dump it anyway, you’d be better off just playing it on the Switch. 

The chances of Yuzu being able to run the game better than the original hardware isn’t impossible, but it’s unlikely any time soon. 

The most popular way to play Red Dead Redemption currently is through Xbox emulation on the Steam Deck and PC, which is capable of 60 frames per second and implements FSR 1.0 (though expect some bugs and glitches). Alternatively, the original Red Dead is still available to purchase digitally on Xbox consoles. And yes, it’s much cheaper than the newly-released port. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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