PSA: Pokemon Cards Return to McDonald’s This Month

Close-up photo of three of the six Pokemon foil cards Felori, Kolowai, and Pikachu.

Image credit: PokeBeach reader DRXFRD.

According to our friends at CardGamer and PokeBeach, Pokemon trading cards are set to return to McDonald’s in August. 

  • The event is due to arrive in the UK on August 23, with the US to follow.
  • 15 cards will be available, six of which are foils.
  • Each meal includes a redesigned Match & Battle toy and four cards, one of which will be a holo.

The Full Story

Image of the August McDonald's Pokemon cards on a black surface.

Pokemon remains one of the most popular franchises on the planet, and The Pokemon Trading Card Game continues to be beloved by kids and adult collectors. 

The latest batch of cards features reprints from the Scarlet & Violet expansion, with the exception of the Pikachu card, which comes via Paldea Evolved.

There are 15 cards in total to collect, with six of them being holos – Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Cetitan, Pikachu, and Klawf.

Another fun fact: The holographic boards found on the outer rim of the cards are a first for the McDonald’s line of Pokemon cards. 

Included in each Happy Meal are four cards – one of which is a holo – and an updated Match & Battle toy. Instructions are included as well, because no one actually knows how to play The Pokemon Trading Card Game. It’s true! 

Close-up shot of the August Pokemon cards from McDonald's.

Check out the full list of cards available below: 

  • 001/015 Sprigatito
  • 002/015 Fuecoco
  • 003/015 Quaxly
  • 004/015 Cetoddle
  • 005/015 Cetitan
  • 006/015 Pikachu
  • 007/015 Pawmi
  • 008/015 Kilowattrel
  • 009/015 Flittle
  • 010/015 Sandaconda
  • 011/015 Klawf
  • 012/015 Blissey
  • 013/015 Tandemaus
  • 014/015 Cyclizar
  • 015/015 Kirlia

Image of the new Pokemon card packs.

Image credit: PokeBeach reader DRXFRD.

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