Miyoo Mini Flip Design Leaks Online

The Miyoo Mini Flip, in baby blue, pastel pinks, light green, and white, shown from the front and the back.

A new follow-up to the Miyoo Mini, the Miyoo Mini Flip has leaked online and features a new clamshell design. 

The News

A design render for the Miyoo Mini Flip, a clamshell retro handheld, has surfaced online. 

  • The news comes via the Retro Handhelds Discord and was spotted by RetroDodo.
  • The Miyoo Mini Flip features a clamshell design not too dissimilar to the Gameboy SP.
  • Newly-found designs show what looks like a mini-HDMI out, two USB-C ports, and a headphone jack.

Why It Matters

The Miyoo Mini proved to be a runaway success in terms of sales and was incredibly difficult to get hold of, especially during the fall period. The new device, logically, may follow a similar pattern. 

  • Miyoo has become one of the leaders in the mini-handheld space.
  • Miyoo continues to offer good handhelds at a much lower price point compared to other companies like Anbernic and Retroid.
  • The Miyoo Mini V2 is sold for $78.62/£64.95, making it one of the best cheaper handhelds available.

Emulation Potential

The Miyoo Mini, Miyoo Mini V2, and Miyoo Mini Plus are all lower-powered machines, which helps to keep them more affordable. It makes sense to assume the Miyoo Mini Flip could continue this tradition so as not to price out potential consumers.

  • The specs of the Miyoo Mini Flip have not been released yet. 
  • Up to 16-bit games should be a given, going by the Miyoo Mini specs. 
  • Thanks to the extra two joysticks, PS1 emulation may be on the cards. 


The Miyoo Mini Flip, in baby blue, pastel pinks, light green, and white, is shown from the two sides and the front and back.

The worst part of leaks is that there isn’t much to go on. We know what the Miyoo Mini Flip looks like, but outside of that, we’ll have to wait for Miyoo to make an official announcement. 

It’s the power of the device I’m most interested in. The Miyoo Mini V2 makes use of an ARM Cortex CPU with 128 MB of RAM. Those specs are very much the lowest you can go while still offering up decent performance. 

I’m not convinced the Miyoo Mini Flip is going to rival the Anebrnics and Retroids of this world in terms of power, but a small bump to let the new device run PS1 and maybe N64 and Dreamcast would be welcome.

Although it’s worth stating, the higher the specs, the more the device will cost. If Miyoo can price the Miyoo Mini Flip in the same ballpark as the Miyoo Mini, we could be seeing yet another affordable Miyoo handheld dominating the market.

As always, I’ll be keeping an eye on this and will update the article as new info is released. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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