JSAUX’s First ASUS ROG Ally Item Is a Screen Protector

What You Need to Know.

Popular Steam Deck accessory manufacturer JSAUX has revealed the company’s first ASUS ROG Ally accessory, an anti-glare screen protector. 

  • The anti-glare screen protector will retail for $14.99. 
  • Two screen protectors are included in each pack. 
  • Features 9H hardness and is designed to avoid fingerprints. 
  • Also includes a plastic grip to make installation easier. 

The Full Story.

JSAUX has been fairly quiet when it comes to the ASUS ROG Ally. While the company has released a slew of Steam Deck docks and other accessories over the past couple of years, the arrival of the ROG Ally has left many consumers wondering if JSAUX will tackle the latest handheld. 

The newly-announced screen protector sounds like it’s the first step of a larger ROG Ally strategy. From what JSAUX has told me over Discord, it sounds like the ROG Ally will be getting the Steam Deck treatment. 

So, the screen protector. As anyone with an Ally will tell you, the console’s screen gets filled with smudges constantly. I think my screen lasted about an hour before I gave up on cleaning it. 

The JSAUX ROG Ally screen protector is said to be anti-glare and fingerprint resistant. The most interesting part of the announcement, at least for me, is how this thing gets applied. 

Promo shot of the JSAUX screen protector showing a ROG Ally with the screen protector and yellow plastic shell angled above it.

JSAUX is known for never leaving the consumer hanging. Whenever  I get a JSAUX dock, every tool I need is included in the package, and the screen protector is no different. 

Included in each pack is a sort of plastic shell that sits over the top of the ROG Ally. This ‘guiding framework’ as it’s known lets users essentially drop the screen protector into place. 

As I’d wager 90 percent of users can’t apply screen protectors to save their lives, anything that simplifies the process is sure to be a good idea. I’ve got one of the screen protectors on the way for my ROG Ally, so I’ll be sure to let you all know what I make of it. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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