JSAUX Steam Deck Docks Now Compatible with the ROG Ally

What You Need to Know.

JSAUX has outlined what Steam Deck dock owners need to do to get their docks working with the ASUS ROG Ally in the 30 watts Turbo mode.

  • A 100-watt charger paired with BIOS 323 and above should enable compatibility with all JSAUX Steam Deck docks, in theory. 
  • A new firmware update has been released to let select JSAUX docks work with a 65-watt charger in Turbo mode.

The Full Story.

One of the problems with the ASUS ROG Ally is that it isn’t fully compatible with Steam Deck docks. Now, I know some will look at that sentence and think ‘Why would it be?’ The reason is pretty simple: A Steam Deck dock is just a device that outputs a signal to a TV or monitor while providing enough power to charge the Deck at the same time. 

In theory, and as the ASUS ROG Ally also uses USB-C to charge and output a signal, it should also work with Steam Deck docks. The problem we saw was that the ASUS ROG Ally has an overall higher power draw due to being more powerful than the Steam Deck. The ROG Ally needs a 65-watt charger to achieve its full 30-watt Turbo mode, while the Steam Deck needs just 45 watts to work to its fullest in docked mode. 

With the release of BIOS 323, things changed for the ROG Ally, enabling full docked mode support for a range of docks. 

JSAUX notes most of its Steam Deck docks should work without any tinkering if you’re using a 100-watt charger. The theory goes, which is something I’ve been looking into as well, the Ally will draw the full 65 watts it needs to enable Turbo mode, and the remainder is free to power the dock. 

The full list of Steam Deck docks, according to JSAUX, that work in Turbo mode with a 100-watt charger are as follows. 

  • HB0602.
  • HB0603.
  • HB0604.
  • HB0702.
  • HB1101.
  • RGB Docking Station (HB0801 / HB1201).
  • OmniCase 2 / OmniCase 2 Pro (MP03 / MP04).

JSAUX Docks and 65-watt Chargers.

JSAUX has released a firmware update for docks HB0602, HB0603, and HB0604 that allows them to work with the ASUS ROG Ally in Turbo mode with the included 65-watt charger. 

Again, I’d recommend checking out the blog post for detailed instructions, but the process is essentially: Hook up the dock to a Windows PC, download the new firmware, then flash it to the dock. 

JSAUX also notes the company is testing out compatibility with several other docks – HB0702, HB1101, HB0801, HB1201, MP03, and MP04 – and hope to have an update on what is and isn’t possible in September. 

For more on JSAUX, I recently reviewed the Omnicase 2, which at the time was the best dock the company had ever produced. Why ‘at the time’? That’s because I’m currently reviewing the latest JSAUX RGB Steam Deck dock, and it’s got the potential to be the best dock out there. Be sure to stay tuned to RetroResolve for the full review in the coming weeks.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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