ASUS ROG Ally BIOS 323 Out Now, What’s Included

BIOS 323 for the ASUS ROG Ally is due for release on July 21, 2023, and includes support for different chargers, performance fixes, and a selection of new features.

The news of the latest BIOS update leaked a few hours ago. I’ve since been in contact with ASUS, who has confirmed to me what is and isn’t in the next update.

At a Glance

  • BIOS 323 due for release on July 21.
  • Features compatibility for third-party 65-watt-and-above chargers.
  • Adds turbo function. 
  • Changes to the joystick deadzone in desktop mode.

Further Reading

Perhaps the biggest news is the introduction of support for 65-watt or higher chargers. Previously, plugging in a third-party 65-watt charger wouldn’t enable the ROG Ally’s most powerful 30-watt operating mode. Instead, the highest you could go was 25 watts, meaning owners weren’t getting the full power of the Ally when plugged in. 

This extra power should enable compatibility from a variety of third-party docks. 

“Today’s release includes an update that addresses the concern from many users that have found certain third-party USB-C docks and adapters will not allow the Ally its full 30W Turbo mode when plugged in, even when using high-wattage USB-C power adapters,” ASUS tells me over email, which has since been posted to the ASUS ROG Ally Discord.

“We’ve heard your concerns about this issue, and have adjusted how the Ally draws power.

“With the way certain third-party docks are designed, and how they allocate a power contract, or ‘handshake,’ the Ally was unable to confirm the full capabilities of the dock. As a result the Ally was not instructed to attempt to draw more than the agreed contract of power available. This was a function of the dock and charger, and not the Ally.

“The new change allows the Ally to simply draw power as is available to it from the dock. In most cases, when using high-powered chargers, this should work seamlessly — you’ll get your 30W Turbo mode and the battery will stay charged. However, if your charger is not powerful enough, you’ll still get 30W Turbo mode but may find that the battery drains very slowly. This may happen with some dock and charger combinations and not others, depending on their power usage — even if the charger is 65W. If you find that your Ally’s battery drains in this 30W mode, please replace your dock and/or charger with one capable of higher wattages.”

Also coming on the same day is an update for MyASUS, which brings a new turbo function, the ability to navigate tabs in the BIOS with the left bumper, and a change of the joystick deadzone to six percent while in desktop mode.

There’s currently no mention of fan curve changes, which were introduced in BIOS 322 to help alleviate heat-related problems causing the SD reader to malfunction. I think it’s fair to assume ASUS is still working out the kinks in that regard.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the full patch notes below. 

BIOS 323 on 21/7/23 through MyASUS

  • UX improvement: Added 30W support when plugging in 65W or higher wattage PD adapters or Type-C hub.  
  • UX improvement: Update PD charger pop-up notification message (Requires Throttle Monitor Merge Module plugin update available through Armoury Crate SE). 
  • UX improvement: Modified minimum panel backlight value from 25nits to 10nits to improve usability in dark environments. 
  • UX improvement: On future BIOS updates, the “Memory Assigned to GPU” setting won’t be reset to default; it will now keep its previous value. 
  • UX improvement: Optimized performance in Performance mode when plugged in.

MCU 310 on 21/7/23 through MyASUS

  • New feature: added Hold to repeat (Turbo) support for ABXY, joystick click, LB, RB, M1, M2 and the D-Pad in the GameProfile.
  • UX improvement: Assigned the LB key to navigate tabs in the BIOS.
  • UX improvement: Default deadzone has been changed to 6% in Desktop mode when the joystick is used as a mouse pointer.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where in Gamepad mode and the device is on battery, the joystick RGB lighting won’t resume after 1 minute idle.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where pressing M1 or M2 would cancel inputs from any other buttons if pressed together.

UPDATE: Added the quote I received from ASUS.

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