JSAUX Omnicase 2: JSAUX’s Best Steam Deck Dock to Date

JSAUX has made a name for itself by creating what many consider to be the best third-party Steam Deck docks on the market. They’re much more affordable than the official Steam Deck dock and JSAUX is constantly trying to push the boundaries of what a dock should be capable of.

The Omincase 2 and Omnicase 2 Pro take JSAUX’s goal one step further. It’s a dock, sure, but it’s also much, much more.

Omnicase 2 Features

Photo of the metalic Omnicase 2 from above on an oak desk. A black Steam Deck can be seen to the left of the case.

The Omnicase 2 and Omincase 2 Pro pack in just about everything the modern gamer needs. USB slots, HDMIs, power supplies, charger ports, microSD and SD readers, ethernet, and a display port – the Omnicase 2 leaves no stone unturned. If they’re something you may need down the line, it’s there.

Here’s what’s included with the Omnicase 2 Pro:

  • USB-C 1: PD 100W Max
  • USB-C 2: USB 3.0 with up to 5GB per second
  • USB-C 3 In: Up to 10GB per second
  • USB-A 1: USB 3.0 up to 5GB per second/5V 1A charging
  • USB-A 2: USB 2.0 up to 480MB per second/5V 1A charging
  • HDMI 1: 4K at 60Hz/2K at 120Hz
  • HDMI 2: 4K at 60Hz/2K at 120Hz
  • Display Port: 4K at 60Hz
  • Ethernet Port: Up to 1000MB per second
  • SD Card Reader: Up to 104 MB per second
  • MicroSD Card Reader: Up to 104 MB per second
  • Audio Jack

The above is the tech side of things, but that’s not all the Omincase 2 Pro offers. Pop the magnetic lid off and there’s space for two sim cards, two SD cards, and two microSD cards. There’s also one of those phone jigs to yank sim cards out of a mobile phone.

The lid itself is where you’ll find all the included cables and adaptors, most notably the USB-C cable to hook up a Steam Deck or USB-C device, a USB-C to micro USB adaptor, an angled USB-C adaptor, and an Apple charger.

See what I mean about it having everything you could possibly need? I’m not convinced I need this many options, but as someone who is constantly tinkering with their Steam Deck, it’s nice to have them.

What’s in the Omnicase 2 Pro Kit?

Bird's eye photo of the Omnicase 2. The insides are black and the upper section houses several USB cables and adaptors.

The main bundle includes the Omnicase 2 Pro outlined above as well as a curved laptop stand and the Steam Deck stand. JSAUX sent me everything to test out and I’m a big fan of the new setup. The new Steam Deck stand doesn’t incorporate any inputs as that’s handled by the main Omnicase 2 now, but it’s sturdy and doesn’t slip or move about when the Steam Deck is seated in it.

Everyone will have their own opinion on this, but as someone with a bunch of JSAUX docks, I much prefer this new setup. Using the original JSAUX docks meant you needed to pull the whole thing out to hook up a new device, Steam Deck included. Now, with the Omnicase 2, I find I only need to pull out the Omnicase and can leave the Steam Deck in the stand. It’s much simpler and means I don’t need to worry about knocking the Deck over when I want to hook up a USB SSD or something similar.

The laptop stand that’s included is also of the typical JSAUX high quality and does the job well, but I’m yet to find a reason to use it. If I’m hooking my Steam Deck up to something, it’s likely to be a TV or monitor, so for me, it won’t get much usage.

If, however, you want to use the Steam Deck (or any USB-C device) to stream movies to a laptop screen, that’s when it’s going to come into its own.

What’s the Difference Between the Omnicase 2 and Omnicase 2 Pro?

The only main difference between the Omnicase 2 and Omnicase 2 Pro is the number of ports.

The Omnicase 2 Pro features an extra USB-C and HDMI, a display port, and one less USB-A slot. The layout, and the included accessories, remain the same across both versions.

Omnicase 2 Price Info and Availablity

Above photo of the Omnicase 2, JSAUX laptop holder, and the Omnicase 2 lid. All are shades of metallic grey.

Before we get into how much everything costs, it’s worth noting there are three different price points: The Kickstarter price, the early bird Kickstarter price, and the online store price.

The early bird offer is the cheapest by far, but the numbers are limited. Then comes the Kickstarter standard price, then the web store price will be the most expensive. If the Omnicase 2 sounds like your thing, I’d recommend backing the Kickstarter to save yourself some money.

Relevant Link: Order the Omnicase 2 on Kickstarter Here.

So, pricing! Let’s dig in.

Product Kickstarter Price Early Bird Offer Web Store Price
Omnicase 2 $59.99 N/A $69.99
Omnicase 2 Pro $79.99 N/A $99.99
Omnicase 2 + Stand $89.99 $59.99 $99.99
Omnicase 2 Pro + Stand + Curved Laptop Stand $109.99 $79.99 $139.99

Which do I recommend? Honestly, the Omnicase 2 and the Steam Deck stand bundle is the winning combo. For me and my uses anyway. I won’t make use of the display port found in the Omnicase 2 Pro but I will definitely be using the extra USB-A in the standard Omnicase 2.

Plus if you want to use the Omnicase 2 as a dock, that Steam Deck stand is a must.


Close up photo of the JSAUX dock with a Steam Deck in it and the Omnicase 2. USB ports can be seen on the Omnicase 2, which is a shade of metallic grey.

If there’s one thing JSAUX has nailed it’s upgrades. The Omnicase 2 isn’t your average Steam Deck dock, and it’s a completely different beast to what we saw in JSAUX’s previous dock offerings.

It’s more compact, more travel-friendly, and it packs away neatly into itself. It’s also less of an eyesore to leave out when you want to play the Steam Deck in handheld mode.

It’s got all the ports you can ever need, complete with cables and adaptors for those who want to use it for more than a dock, the tech inside works and works well, and it’s affordable for what it is.

For people who own a dock already, there isn’t a massive need to upgrade even though the Omnicase 2 has become my go-to dock of choice. But for people who’ve yet to pick up a dock, or aren’t happy with their current model, the Omnicase 2 comes easy to recommend.

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All photos captured by Wesley Copeland. | Review units provided by JSAUX.

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