Review: Grid’s GBA Wall Art Is the Perfect Geeky Gift

What is it: The Grid Game Boy Advance is a designer wall art decoration. Imagine if someone gutted a Game Boy Advance, then mounted all its insides into a stylish display case. That’s the hook here, and if you’re a massive geek like me, the end result is as stylish as it is magical.

The review: Quality is at the center of Grid’s whole philosophy. Anyone could technically make what they offer but it won’t be anywhere near as clean. 

Everything about the Grid Game Boy Advance set screams premium. Here, take a look at the box it comes in. 

Photo of the Grid GBA wall art in a brown box with a black paper surrounding the main wall art. A brown wax seal with flowers can be seen in the center.

Yes, that’s a wax seal and wrapping paper. And dried flowers because why not. If there’s one thing Grid understands it’s how to make a product feel special. 

In the wall art I received each of the parts look as though they’re brand new (read: clean), the outer wood of the case feels solid, and the front panel comes with a layer of film to keep it looking sharp. 

If you want to, you can unhook the back panel to remove the film as well. It’s a pain-free process that involves turning some hooks and lifting the back off. Simplicity rocks!

Size-wise, the whole thing comes in at 13 inches by 13 inches by 1.8 inches. That’s a little over two action figures in height if that helps to visualize it. It’s a good size that draws the eye to it when mounted but doesn’t swallow the whole wall. 

Close up photo of the purple front shell of a Game Boy Advance, with a picture of Pokemon Red behind the screen.

How much does it cost: The Grid GBA wall art comes in at $199.99 or £156.79 and is available with worldwide shipping over on the Grid website.

The price is the biggest hurdle without a doubt. It’s pricey, but as someone who wouldn’t be able to make something even remotely similar, I’d wager it’s a solid investment. Mine is currently hanging on my bedroom wall, and the biggest compliment I can give the Grid GBA wall art is that I won’t be taking it down post-review. It’s too cool not to.

Verdict: People buy art, and collecting retro games and consoles is becoming more like shopping for antiques with how hard some of them are to get hold of. What Grid is offering here is a simple solution for gamers who want something stylish and classy to jazz up a wall. It screams GAMER, but the use of clean color and solid fonts make the Grid wall art feel more like real art rather than cheap gamer junk most wouldn’t be seen dead with. 

The Grid GBA display is perfect for fellow geeks who want to showcase the past in an evocative way. The price won’t be for everyone, but if you’re serious about retro and want to display the things you love, Grid is the way to go. 

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All photos captured by RetroResolve. | Review unit provided by Grid.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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