MegaModz Dualsense Edge Is the Best Call of Duty Controller

MegaModz Dualsense Edge Explained

Close up photo of my MegaModz controller in white with custom purple directional buttons.

Pictured: The MegaModz controller with a custom purple d-pad. 

There’s an obvious comparison to be made with Scuff Gaming. Both MegaModz and Scuff offer customizable controllers, but that’s where the comparison ends. While Scuff is about changing how a controller looks, MegaModz takes it one step further by modifying how the controller operates. 

MegaModz does offer visual mods – custom buttons, and the soon-to-be-released custom shells – but the real star here is the programmable action sets. 

Let me give you an example: In Call of Duty, you can reload magazines faster by hitting a combination of buttons (often reload twice). This isn’t intuitive, and for many players adding this extra step causes them to lose the flow of combat.

What would happen if instead of a button combo, you could just press the reload button once to activate this exploit? That’s where MegaModz comes in. By holding the mod button located on the side of the Dualsense Edge and then hitting square, the mods inside the controller apply the fast reload action, so when you do hit the reload button, the action is played out without any extra presses or combos required. 

I’ve used fast reload as the example, but that’s not the only mod you can activate. My most-used mods came in the form of fast reload, dropshot, rapid fire, and zombies. 

Dropshotting is a technique used in both first-and-third-person shooters whereby the player crouches while shooting in a bid to throw their opponent off. While crouched, you’re a smaller target, and if the enemy is aiming for the head, crouching means they’re shooting at where you were rather than where you are.

By activating this mod, the player character will automatically drop when firing without the need to manually press the crouch button. This is, of course, not ideal in every situation, but for the larger, more open maps when you’re going to be running into the enemy head-on, it’s a lifesaver. 

Rapid fire, meanwhile, presses the trigger faster than the average human can, resulting in single-shot weapons firing at an alarming rate. Pistols in particular instantly become a go-to weapon thanks to how many bullets you can pop off in one go. 

One thing to note, most games have a limit in place for how quickly you can fire a weapon, but even with this, my pistol fired much faster than if I just spammed the trigger. 

The zombie mod remains the most impressive of the bunch, at least to me. This mod lets players automatically lock on to zombies by holding down the trigger in the general vicinity of an enemy. The mod says it locks onto the chest and head, but nine times out of 10 it’ll just lock onto the chest then the player needs to move the right stick up to focus on the head. 

Note: For obvious reasons, the zombie mod only works in Zombies, which is understandable. 

The Testing Process

Close up photo of my MegaModz controller in white showing the two black back paddles and the two-by-two cutout section where the lights are.

Pictured: The back of the MegaModz controller with two two-by-two LED sections.

So far I’ve tested the MegaModz Dualsense Edge in several games to get an idea of what it’s capable of. In games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, the mods don’t do much. That’s why I’d recommend sticking with Call of Duty or Call of Duty-adjacent games like Battlefield. 

Most of my time was spent in Modern Warfare: Remastered and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as those are the games I’ve played the least, meaning I could get a better idea of how well the mods would affect my gameplay. 

What I found was it takes a while to get used to the different mods. There are a lot of button combos to memorize, so for the first few days I recommend keeping the MegaModz quick-access card nearby. That said, after you’ve activated the ones you feel enhance your gameplay, the combos become second nature. 

The big question here is are the MegaModz mods worth it? After playing with them solidly for a week, I’m convinced they’re a worthy investment if you want to take your Call of Duty to the next level. 

I’m old – I can’t hammer the trigger like I used to. So being able to activate a rapid fire mode with one push of a button means I’m no longer at the whims of players younger than me. 

With dropshotting, I can pull it off with ease normally anyway, but having one button to perform this trick makes the whole process feel more natural. When you’re gaming, you gaming for fun. And sometimes having to press multiple button combos is too much effort after a long day. With the MegaModz Dualsense Edge, you can keep playing how you want without the hassle of extra button presses. 

That, essentially, is the brilliance of the MegaModz Dualsense Edge. It takes stuff you could do normally and makes it more accessible; what once took multiple buttons can now be done with one.

I do need to stress, not every mod will work nicely with each other. There were times when the fast reload would cease to function when paired with certain mods. I could see my character attempting to pull off the combo in-game, but because I had the zombies mod on also, fast reload just couldn’t activate. 

Is that an issue? For me, no. MegaModz works by running its own macros inside the Dualsense Edge, so with something this advanced, imperfection occasionally is understandable. 

MegaModz Mod List Explained 

The MegaModz Dualsense Edge has support for a wealth of different mods. While most players won’t use all of them (I ended up sticking with a select four), more options are always a good thing. 

Below are all the mods currently available. Do note: Most mods work in Call of Duty games, but there are some that are game-specific. I’ve highlighted them below to give you an idea of what is and isn’t possible based on which Call of Duty you play most.

Also, due to the Dualsense Edge featuring replaceable thumbstick drives, a total of three mods aren’t able to work with the new configuration. Again, I’ve highlighted them below so you know what’s what.

  • Armor Repair Mod (Warzone): Ditches the need to hold a button to repair armor.
  • Akimbo: Fires two pistols with one button.
  • Auto Burst: Burst fire by holding down the trigger. 
  • Auto Heal (Black Ops 4): Switch heal button to reload.
  • Auto Sprint (Not on Dualsense Edge): Sprint without pressing L3.
  • Auto Spot/Pin (Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4): Automatically pings enemies. 
  • DropShot + JumpShot: Fires the gun while also crouching or jumping.
  • Dual Trigger: Rapid-fires dual weapons.
  • Fast Reload: Speeds up reload time.
  • Jitter: Glitch to fire faster, only available in older Call of Duty games.
  • Layouts (Not on Dualsense Edge): Switch between different layouts like standard or Southpaw.
  • Quick Scope: Pulls up the scope and fires. Great for snipers.
  • Rapid Fire: Fires pistol weapons as fast as the game will allow.
  • Sniper Breath (Not on Dualsense Edge): Automatically hold your breath while scoping.
  • Turbo Melee (Advanced Warfare, Ghosts): Faster melee attack.
  • Zombie: Causes L2 to lock onto the nearest enemy in Zombies.

MegaModz Dualsense Edge Price

Close up photo of my MegaModz controller in white showing the right side. The four face buttons are sat on top of the controller's face.

Pictured: The MegaModz Dualsense Edge in white.

MegaModz offers several different controller options depending on how and where you play. These include the Xbox controller, DualShock 4, Dualsense, and Dualsense Edge. 

Prices vary from controller to controller and include the cost of the controller in the pricing.

  • MegaModz Dualsense Edge – from $344.98 (controller cost $199.99).
  • MegaModz Dualsense – from $149.97 (controller cost $69.99).
  • Dualshock 4 – from $109.97 (controller cost $49).
  • Xbox Series X|S – from $110.97 (controller cost $59).
  • Xbox Elite – from $199.99 (controller cost $129.99).

If you want to see the prices and the available add-ons in full, take a look at the main MegaModz site


Close up photo of my MegaModz controller in white with a focus on the right two-by-two LED lights.

There’s no getting around how expensive the MegaModz Dualsense Edge is. But then it’s an already pricey controller with a custom back shell, an extra button, LED lights to show what’s active, complete with macros that activate and manipulate the controller’s insides like a form a magic.

Expensive, sure, but it’s hard not to be in awe of what MegaModz has accomplished here. There are no third-party programs here running processes in the background. Everything that happens, happens within the controller itself. That kind of engineering is always going to come with a hefty price tag. 

Is it worth that price? What I can say is I’m impressed. Despite the minor issues, the controller does what it claims to. If you’re not a Call of Duty player, or Battlefield for that matter, then the MegaModz controller isn’t going to be for you. This controller is designed solely for Call of Duty players who want an edge or those who find repeated button presses and complex combos too much to bear.

If Call of Duty is your game, the MegaModz Dualsense Edge controller comes easy to recommend. It is, for all intents and purposes, the best Call of Duty controller out there. So long as you’re aware of what it is you’re buying, and what its limitations are, you’re sure to come away pleased.

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All photos captured by Wesley Copeland. | Review unit provided by MegaModz.

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