Retro-Bit Showcases New GameCube Controller

Would you believe it’s been a whole day since we had a GameCube controller announcement? I know, shocking. I almost thought there wouldn’t be a new one but along comes the ever-brilliant Retro-Bit with its LegacyGC wired controller.

Why the praise? That’s because I’ve been using a Retro-Bit controller of a similar size for the last year and it’s perfect for my retro gaming needs. Small enough to feel nostalgic, robust enough to get the job done. There’s very little to grumble about when it comes to Retro-Bit-designed controllers.

Retro-Bit wired GameCube controller from different angles.

This new controller opts for a more GameCube-centric design. The big green button sits alongside the red nubbin and the two trademark grey Tik Tacs. It is missing the yellow C-stick, but Retro-Bit says there are macros available to have the directional pad mimic C-stick or analog stick behavior if you’d prefer.

The controller also features a turbo function, comes in black and purple, and is compatible with both the GameCube and Wii.

As far as pricing and availability goes, the Retro-Bit LegacyGC wired controller is set to retail for $19.99/£16.44 and is due to start shipping on January 20, 2023. You can order it over on the Castlemania website if you so desire.

This may also be of interest to those of you with a Nintendo Switch: RetroFlag recently showed its take on a GameCube controller and it features the cleanest of clean transparent shells ever made.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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