NYXI Wizard for Switch Reimagines the GameCube Controller

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GameCube controllers will always be in-demand. Not just for nostalgia reasons, of course, but because it’s actually a really banging controller. Go ask a Smash player to use a joy-con. Congrats, you’ve just made yourself a new enemy.

Back to it, NYXI has revealed its GameCube-inspired controller for Nintendo Switch, and it looks like it’s trying to fix some of the infamous controller’s flaws.

NYXI Wizard Features

Image shots of the NYXI Wizard controller for Nintendo Switch.

Although the NYXI Wizard mimics the GameCube’s design, some of the controls have been brought into the modern era. Buttons make less noise and offer up more response, and just look at those beautiful concave thumbsticks. None of this convex nonsense that Nintendo seems deadset on keeping.

As well as the standard GameCube buttons, there are also back buttons and extra controls on the front, some of which can be remapped. Neat!

As well as being wireless, the device also makes use of hall effect joysticks. Those of you who follow our retro handheld coverage will know these types of sticks are all the rage right now thanks to their ability to never suffer drift.

Lastly, it can be used while hooked up to the Switch itself or as an independent controller. And yes, there’s a little clip to connect both sides together.

  • Hall effect joysticks (drift-free)
  • Upgradeable joysticks
  • Quieter buttons presses
  • Wireless
  • Turbo and button mapping
  • Back buttons (!!!!)

NYXI Wizard Price

Front-on shot of the NYXI Wizard controller for Nintendo Switch.

The NYXI Wizard is available for order on the NYXI website, will cost $69.99/£57.52 and ships worldwide.

If this isn’t doing it for you, late last year Retroflag also revealed a GameCube-inspired controller for the Switch, only this one’s got a transparent case and a convex thumbstick.

Thanks, NintendoLife.

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