This Portal Steam Deck Skin is Gorgeous

It was only a matter of time before someone made a Portal skin for the Steam Deck, and the results are stellar.

The Portal Steam Deck vinyl skin set is made by MoskeetoDesigns over on Etsy. What’s interesting here is Moskeekto has put together a step-by-step video detailing how to actually apply the skin.

While they don’t say, we all know what the deal is. People absolutely suck at getting stickers onto a device without it looking like a blindfolded five-year-old did it.

I say this as someone who can’t slide screen protectors on without screaming. I have no idea why, humans just aren’t built like that. Putting a sticker on something should be simple, but it’s harder than The Rock’s abs.

Portal Steam Deck front and back skins

As it turns out, we’ve all been doing it wrong (shocking, right?). As Moskeeto shows in the vid, the trick to applying a skin is to use a heat gun or hairdryer. I hate how obvious that is.

The heat warms the vinyl skin, which in turn makes it more malleable. When bubbles do appear, the heat means you can kind of stretch it out with your thumb to make it flat again. And the bubble doesn’t even pop back up the moment you remove your hand.

As for the trickier areas, just bend the sticker backing after you’ve peeled the sticker. That lets you place the sticker without needing to worry about the rest of the vinyl folding in on itself.

I can’t tell if I’m really stupid and everyone knows this or this is just a really good guide. Both, probably.

Minecraft and Half-Life Steam Deck skins

Image credit: Moskeeto on Etsy

If you think the Portal Steam Deck is cool, Moskeeto also has Minecraft and Half-Life skins available. The Minecraft one in particular is even cuter thanks to the crafting table and TNT trackpad vinyl covers.

As for pricing, each of the skins retail for £24.90 a pop. Not bad all things considered.

Elsewhere in the world of Valve’s handheld, I took a look at what the Steam Deck can handle in terms of emulation. Alternatively, If you’re after something a little more cost-effective, the company behind the much-loved Odin console recently announced the Ayn Loki, a Windows handheld with prices starting at a surprisingly low $399. Nice!

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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