Dbrand Skin Let’s You Turn Your Steam Deck into a Switch

Ever wanted to turn your Steam Deck into a Nintendo Switch (no, this isn’t about EmuDeck)? Now you can thanks to the Dbrand SwitchDeck skin.

The pack cost $49.95 and includes a skin for the front and back, two trackpad skins, and a microfiber cloth because everyone’s Steam Deck is filthy by now.

There’s also this Very Real blurb.

“When performing competitive research for the SwitchDeck, our first impulse was naturally to infiltrate Nintendo’s Kyoto fortress,” says Dbrand on the store page.

Shot of the back of the SwitchDeck skin by Dbrand.

“After hiring an Italian plumber, we provided him with two things: an adhesive-backed mustache, and a plane ticket to Japan. Perhaps it’s no surprise that his body was later recovered from the Tokyo Bay – we’ve had yakuza problems for a while now. In any event, our backup plan seemed to work just fine: take a Nintendo Switch out of inventory and rip it off. Checkmate, Miyamoto.”

Dbrand also included the following, rather upsetting image. The monsters.

Dbrand Promo Art

It’s been a surprisingly busy time in the Steam Deck accessories arms race. Last week saw the release of a PS1 skin, and the week before that saw the NYXI Wizard GameCube-style Switch controller revealed, which itself came off the back of the Retroflag GameCube-style Switch case. Accessories, everywhere dot gif.

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of Dbrand’s output, be sure to check out my review of the Dbrand Killswitch, which remains the best Steam Deck case around.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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