AYANEO Teams up With Qualcomm for the AYANEO Pocket S

Promo shot of the white AYANEO Pocket S with a black screen.

Gaming handheld manufacturer AYANEO has announced a collaboration with Qualcomm which will see AYANEO use the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chipset in the forthcoming AYANEO Pocket S console.


  • The AYANEO Pocket S will use the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 chipset.
  • The new G3x Gen 2 chip’s CPU is 30 percent faster and the GPU is twice as fast as the previous model.

The Full Story. 

Hot on the heels of Qualcomm announcing three new chipsets – the Snapdragon G1, G2, and G3x Gen 2 – AYANEO has revealed it’s working with Qualcomm to power the AYANEO Pocket S.

This makes the AYANEO Pocket S one of the first consoles to utilize the new Snapdragon chip.

As I previously reported, we knew AYANEO was working on something big. It turns out it’s an Android device that uses the Snapdragon G3x Gen 2. Without getting into tech-speak, the new chipset houses a CPU that’s 30 percent faster than the previous generation’s, and a GPU that’s twice as fast. That’s a pretty big leap, in other words. 

“We have always been committed to crafting the most authentic gaming handhelds for gamers worldwide through innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology,” says AYANEO CEO Arthur Zhang.

“Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. holds extensive technical expertise in graphics processing and the mobile gaming realm. It’s an honor for us to collaborate with Qualcomm Technologies, leveraging the exceptional performance brought forth by the new Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 gaming platform, to create a flagship gaming handheld product that redefines conventional understanding. Moving forward, we will continue to deepen our partnership with Qualcomm Technologies, exploring further cutting-edge technologies, and continuously innovating to break new ground in the gaming handheld experience.” 

AYANEO seems pretty excited by the team-up and it’s easy to understand why. Previously Qualcomm worked with Razer for the vastly overpriced Razer Edge. Given AYANEO’s track record of delivering high-end handhelds that balance cost with power, the Pocket S shows a lot of potential. 

The Snapdragon G3x Gen 2 has the potential to be an emulation powerhouse and the ultimate game streaming device. The image renders sent from AYANEO show a device that’s all-screen, less plastic. 

Promo shot of the black AYANEO Pocket S from the front and back.

There’s also some talk about the G3x Gen 2 housing a compatibility layer that should let developers run Windows apps on Android (similar to what Valve does with Proton on Linux). How well that will work, however, I have my doubts. Still, it’s cool to see Android moving in a more open direction like this. 

Pricing info (it’s likely to be expensive!) wasn’t revealed, nor was a price. AYANEO did tell me there’s a website where any new info will be shared. At the moment it’s pretty barebones, though. Aside from a giant flashing ‘S’. 

Be sure to check back with RetroResolve as I’m almost certain I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. In the meantime, feel free to catch up on AYANEO’s nearest releases in the AYANEO Kun, the AYANEO Air 1S, or the company’s other Android device the AYANEO Pocket Air.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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