Where to Find the Fae Armor in Remnant 2 (In Depth)

You can find the Fae Royal Armor set inside Postulant’s Parlor in the bottom-left room, but there’s a catch. Getting the Fae armor isn’t as simple as loading into the area and entering a room. Compared with the Dendroid Armor it’s much more complex.

Postulant’s Parlor works like a game of tic-tac-toe, and not every game will even have access to this area. Don’t worry though, I’ve found a solution for those who can’t access Postulant’s Parlor. Let’s dig in. 

Note: If you’re experienced, feel free to use the links below to skip to the final solution. If you’re new to the game or would prefer an in-depth walkthrough, keep reading and I’ll show you exactly where to go. 

How to Check If You’ve Access to Postulant’s Parlor

Screenshot of the Remnant 2 map with a circle over the area.

Before we do anything, you’ll need to have access to Losomn. If you don’t, keep playing until you eventually come across the area. It’s part of the main story so you won’t miss it,

Secondly, let’s check if you have Postulant’s Parlor. Click on the big red glowy crystal to initiate a fast travel. When you click on Losomn you should have some already-unlocked fast travel options. 

  • Postulant’s Parlor is located in the far left fast travel slot.

If you have a different area in the slot Postulant’s Parlor takes up, that means you’re going to need to follow our workaround. If you do have that area unlocked, skip to the final heading on this page.

How to Access Postulant’s Parlor If You Don’t Have It

Screenshot of the Remnant 2 map with a yellow box over the area the article discusses.

Once you’ve completed Losomn you’ll unlock the adventure mode for that area. We’re now going to abuse that so we can get the Fae Royal Armor set. 

Head to the nearest fast travel and once it’s open, click on adventure. Now keep rerolling the adventure until you get the Palace Courtyard spawn option seen below.

Screenshot of the Remnant 2 map with a circle over the area the article is discussing.

Once you’ve got that spawn, click on it to teleport to Losomn and we can begin our search.

Note: No other Losomn spawn points will be unlocked yet. 

Navigating the Palace

Image explained in the article.

Now we’ve got a new Losomn world to play with, we need to find our way to the correct spot. As the palace is like a labyrinth, I’ve decided to go deep with the directions so you don’t get lost. 

After teleporting to the palace courtyard go directly up the dual-stairs in front of you and head up the left side. 

Image explained in the article.

Upon reaching the top you’ll spot a gold-embossed circular plate on the floor with a lever. Ignore this, and instead head to the left of it. You should now see a doorway. 

Pass through the doorway and follow it to its end where you’ll find an elevator. Stand on said elevator to activate it and you’ll be transported downward. 

Image explained in the article.

Upon exiting the elevator you’ll see a red crystal in the distance. Don’t run to it just yet as it’s being guarded. Take it slow and pop the enemies as they approach you. The corridor is tight so this part is just a case of spraying bullets and laughing as they drop. 

When the enemies are gone, head to the crystal and rest. You’ve earned it.

Image explained in the article.

Once you’ve rested up, head up the left staircase.

Image explained in the article.

When you reach the top there’s going to be another doorway. Don’t charge in as this next room is filled with enemies.

Image explained in the article.

Pick them all off safely, and when it’s clear, enter the room fully.

Look to the two bookcases on the left side and start walking in between them to find another archway. 

Once past the archway it’s a straight walk to the next room. Be careful though because, as you probably guessed, it’s swarming with enemies. 

Best them and at the end of the hall is a staircase leading upward. Head on up now.

Image explained in the article.

At the top of the stairs is a little room that leads onto a balcony. Expect at least two enemies when you step out. 

Image explained in the article.

Upon stepping onto the balcony hug the left wall and eventually you’ll spot an opening. Follow this path.

Now, this path is quite long and filled with multiple enemies. The upside is it’s a one-way path, meaning you can’t get lost. Great news, right?

Image explained in the article.

As you progress through the palace underkeep you’ll come to a room with two exits and a bookcase in between them. 

The left exit leads to an elevator, so do NOT use this as that’s not where we want to go. Instead, go through the right door and keep following the path through.

Image explained in the article.

A room later you’ll find yourself in a corridor with a seemingly dead end and a room full of bones to the left. 

Head into the totally normal bones room and atop the bones will be a jester of sorts. Walk up to it and the jester will stand up and raise out its arm. Press the action button and stay there while it does its jig. After it’ll reward you with a magical quill we’ll need for the next part. 

Image explained in the article.

Exit the room and look at the seeming dead end I mentioned. Walk up to the furthest wall and click on the action button. Select the magical quill and it’ll draw a door. 

Enter through the door and you’ll either find yourself in either Postulant’s Parlor or somewhere else entirely. The game is designed to be random, remember?

If you arrive in Postulant’s Parlor – great! keep reading. If not, then you’ll need to use the nearest teleport (red crystal) to reroll the adventure and try again until that specific door leads you to Postulant’s Parlor.

I didn’t get Postulant’s Parlor on my main playthrough but I got it the first time on my adventure mode, so here’s hoping the lords of random are on your side. 

How to Get the Far Aromor in Postulant’s Parlor

Screenshot of the main golden archway at the start of the Postulant's Parlor section in Remnant 2.

Upon entering Postulant’s Parlor you have two areas to take note of: 

  • A fast travel crystal on the left.
  • A doorway leading into the main area.

Use the red crystal to set your spawn and replenish ammo and health, then make your way through the big archway. 

Note: There will be enemies in almost every room. Proceed with caution. 

Screenshot of the angelic palace showing the old man and the chess table.

Fight your way through to the back of the room where you’ll spot a doorway leading into the room pictured above. You’ll know it’s the right room because there’s a random guy waiting to play tic-tac-toe as if that’s a very normal thing to be doing. 

Close up screenshot of the chess table with a yellow circle to highlight where players need to place the white piece.

Sit at the table and challenge him to a round. You’ll be controlling the white pieces, he’ll have the black pieces. Each piece can move up, down, left, right, and diagonally.

Now, if your opponent scores three, you’ll get cursed and your health is reduced. Thankfully you don’t need to beat him just yet, you just need to maneuver some pieces to specific places.

You see, each of the areas on the board corresponds to a room to the side of the area you’ve just come through. Place a piece on a spot and the room opens. And now for the part you’ve been waiting for: One of those slots leads to the Fae Royal Set. 

Your first task is to move one of the white pieces to the upper right of the board. Once you’ve done that, exit that game by pressing the leave button.

The main remnant 2 map screen with two yellow circles and two numbers to show where the article is discussing.

Take a look at the map pictured above. 

  1. This is where the chess table is.
  2. This is where the Fae royal Set is located.

Keep in mind, the room behind matches the chess board from the person you’re playing’s perspective. That means the chess board is actually flipped from your way back into the room, hence why the white piece translates to the room pictured above.

Two screenshots explained in the article.

The best way to view the room’s layout is to flip the chessboard from your perspective so it matches the map. 

Screenshot of Remnant 2 showig the chess table with white and black pieces on it.

Alternatively, stand next to our chess player and the board’s perspective will match the map screen.

Screenshot of the Royal Fae Royal Set with a purple hue around it.

Once you’re ready, head back out the door and head to the room outlined above. You’ll know you’re in the right room because the Fae Roayl Set will be mounted on a stand with a rather soothing purple hue around it. 

walk up to the Fae armor and press the action button to retrieve your sparkly new armor.

Note: I won’t spoil anything for you, but some words of advice:

  1. Clear out each of the rooms the white pieces unlock. It’s worth it.
  2. It’s well worth beating the chess player while you’re here. The reward is very different.

Fae Royal Aromor Set Stats

Is the Fae Royal Armor Set worth picking up? Given how most of the armor designs are geared toward male player characters, the Fae set is one of the few feminine sets in the game. 

Its stats are solid, it gives you a decent roll, and let’s be real here, people care more about how something looks rather than how functional it is. And the Fae armor is one of the most stylish armor sets out there. 

Fae Royal Headcover
Armor: 15 Weight: 8 
Fae Royal Chestplate
Armor: 57 Weight: 27 
Fae Royal Greaves
Armor: 25 Weight: 13 
Fae Royal Vambraces
Armor: 10 Weight: 7

All screenshots captured by RetroResolve. | Review code provided by Gearbox.

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