How to Find the Dendroid Armor Set in Remnant 2

You can find the Remnant 2 Dendroid Armor Set in the Ashen Wasteland.  

Although some armors require a bit of work to grab, the Dendroid set is actually one of the easiest armors to find once you know exactly where the hidden entrance is.

Step 1: Head to the Ashen Wasteland

Screenshot of the Ashen Wastes map in Remnant 2 with a yellow circle highlighting the area discussed in the article.

The Ashen Wasteland is one of the final areas in Remnant 2. As such, if you don’t have it unlocked yet you won’t be able to grab the Dendroid Armor until you progress far enough into the story. 

If you are far enough, let’s get you some new threads. 

Begin by warping to the Ashen Wasteland. Don’t worry, you won’t need to go far. 

Work your way through the area until the first set of enemies in the larger open area with several rusted cars.

Once you’ve cleared the area (this will make searching much easier), pull up your map with the intention of strolling to the upper right section.

Screenshot showing a broken wall with an arrow pointing where to enter through the broken wall.

In the corner of the area you’ll spot a bunch of wooden slats with a small gap underneath. You’ll know you’re in the right place because an eerie red glow will creep through the gap. 

Crouch down and make your way underneath. Oh, and expect enemies to jump you the moment you enter.

Step 2: Navigate the Secret Ruined Building

Screenshot showing the jump area explained in the article.

Once you’ve dispatched all the enemies make your way to the furthest wall. To your left will be a broken bridge leading up. Follow this path now. 

Follow the path to its natural conclusion and you’ll find yourself at the back wall again, only one level up.

You should see a platform opposite and a small wall when looking in the gap in between (pictured above). 

While holding forwards, run at the gap and press the roll button when on the edge to jump to the middle wall. Do the same jump technique again to reach the opposite side. 

I found this was easiest to clear by keeping the forwards button held in and press roll twice – once from the main platform, and again on the wall to reach the other side. Doing this in one fluid motion with two jumps is much easier than trying to catch yourself when landing on a thin platform. 

Step 3: How to Make the Jump

Screenshot showing the second jump section with a yellow rectangle to show when they player needs to land.

Once you reach the opposite end of the second platform runway, the first thing you’ll see is an awkward broken wall. We now need to jump to that wall, and yes, it will take you a few attempts. 

The problem is, jump too far to the right and you’ll roll off the wall. Jump too far left and you’ll hit the main wall and plummet downwards. It’s annoying but it is possible.

The trick I found is to position yourself right up against the wall to your left and then run and jump with the intention of hitting the main front wall so you’ve got something to smash into and break your fall. Check out the picture above to see exactly where I mean. 

As I say, expect this to take a few attempts. 

Step 4: Other Items in the Area

Yellow rectangles and numbers on a screenshot to show where the player needs to go.

Once you’ve landed on the broken wall, that’s the hard part done. 

While you’re here, you may as well grab some of the other items in the area. 

  1. Reaping stone ring.
  2. Dendroid Armor Set and the Steel Katana.

As the image above shows, to your left (1.) is a small, jumpable gap with a ring inside. To the right (2.), down the broken wall, you’ll find both the Steel Katana and the lush Dendroid Armor set.

One thing to note: Whichever you go for first, you’ll need to redo the jump sections to get back to the broken wall. If the jump sections were pure pain, feel free to ignore the ring and head straight for the sword and armor combo. I won’t judge you. 

Step 5: Where to Find the Dendroid Armor Set

Screenshot showing the Dendroid Armor set and a katakana. Yellow rectangles and numbers help to explain where the items are.

Once you reach the bottom of the broken wall your prizes will be right in front of you. 

Pushed into the floor (1.) is the Steel Katana, and just behind it, attached to the wall, is the Dendroid Armo Set. 

Walk up to either item and press the action button to grab them. 

And don’t forget, if you’re on a quest to collect all the armor sets, or you just want something that looks cool, you absolutely want to grab the Fae Royal Set next.

Dendroid Armor Set Stats

The Dendroid Armor is classified as light armor due to its low weight and lower damage protection. 

The upshot, however, is you get a larger roll. Plus it looks pretty darn stylish, which is the most important part, right?

Dendroid Mask
Armor: 7 Weight: 3
Dendroid Chest
Armor: 23 Weight: 12 
Dendroid Grips
Armor: 4 Weight: 3
Dendroid Leggings
Armor: 13 Weight: 7

All screenshots captured in-game by RetroResolve. | Review code provided by Gearbox.

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