5 Best Steam Deck Skins to Make It Less Boring

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Listen, the Steam Deck is an amazing console with a gorgeous screen. I know that, you know that. We all know that. But it’s kind of boring to look at, isn’t it? Would a bit of color really be that difficult? 

That’s where Steam Deck skins come in. Vinyl skins have been around for ages. Everything from mobile phones, tablets, to controllers can all be customized thanks to this thin material that’s super also pliable.

If you do end up getting a Steam Deck skin, I’d definitely recommend checking out the video above before you try to apply it. And get yourself a hairdryer! Seriously, heating up vinyl for a few seconds is a surefire way to stop it from crinkling up at the edges. 

With that out the way, let’s check out the best Steam Deck skins. Especially that Portal one. It’s so freaking stylish. 

Dbrand Steam Deck Switch Skin 

Dbrand Switch skin for Steam Deck.

The great thing about the Dbrand Steam Deck Switch skin is that it’s idiot-proof, which is excellent news if you’re me. It’s just like the Dbrand Killswitch case in that regard.

The reason being, instead of needing to put an entire skin over the surface of the Steam Deck, the Dbrand skin only needs to go over the left and right sides. This makes it much, much easier to apply as you don’t need to faff around lining up the vinyl skin with the screen and the back of the case. 

This Steam Deck skin is only 2.3mm thick as well, making it fairly lightweight and more pliable. 

It’s also worth noting, Dbrand currently has a really good rep with the Steam Deck community for making killer products that mix affordability with high quality. If you ask someone where their Steam Deck case is from, chances are they’ll answer either Dbrand or JSAUX. That’s how popular they’ve become. 

Price: $49.95 | Availability: Click here to check it out on the Dbrand website 

Steam Deck PS1 Skin

Image showing the PS1 Steam Deck skin from the front and back.

The most popular Steam Deck skins are the ones that turn the Steam Deck into something nostalgic. Just like how the Dbrand skin turns your Steam Deck into a Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck PS1 skin turns it into Sony’s first home console. 

If you’re into emulation on the Steam Deck, this skin is perfect for when you’re playing PS1 games. 

Although this skin looks great in the pictures, there are a few things to consider. From the front it’s stunning, but the back struggles to fit the image correctly. Especially around the vents. It’s a minor gripe, of course, but it’s still worth mentioning. 

You’re also going to have to be careful when lining it up so the seams connect flush. Still, it’s a PS1 Steam Deck skin. How cool is that? 

Price: $42.99 | Availability: Click here to check it out on the LuxSkins website

Portal Steam Deck Skin

Image showing the front and back of a Steam Deck with the Portal skin applied.

The Portal Steam Deck skin was one of the first batches of Deck skins to release, and it’s still popular even to this day. 

The Portal design really changes up the boring black of the Steam Deck. And those little companion cube trackpad covers are lush. 

Plus because of how long this design has been around, there are plenty of reviews and photos from owners who have put the skin on themselves, so you can gauge what it’ll look like when it’s on. 

The video at the top of the page is from the Etsy seller and shows you how to apply it properly without succumbing to air pockets. That’s sure to come in handy. And for those looking to take the Portal theme to the next level, MoskeetoDesigns also went as far as to create a Portal dock vinyl skin as well to complete the look. 

Price: $25 | Availability: Click here to check it out on Etsy

XtremeSkins Textured Matt Yellow

Image showing the "Matt yellow" Steam Deck skin from XtremeSkins

I’m pretty sure XtremeSkins meant “matte” yellow, but I’ll let it slide. 

Sometimes you want something simple to bring the Steam Deck to life. That’s the hook with this one. One piece that’s fairly straightforward to apply, that helps break up the solid color of the Steam Deck. 

Sometimes simple just … works. 

Now, the good thing about XtremeSkins is the designs are fully customizable. You can mix and match several pieces to create a complete wrap-around, or you can just buy specific parts (the different vinyl areas are broken down into top, bottom, buttons, and palm rest). 

XtremeSkins ships worldwide and even has a dedicated page to walk you through how to apply a Steam Deck skin. Neat!

Price: £10 | Availability: Click here to check it out on the XtremeSkins Website

TouchProtect Hex

Close up shot of the TouchProtect Hex for Steam Deck.

Can a skin be used for more than just looks? That’s the question the TouchProtect Hex asks. Rather than opting for a full wrap-around, the TouchProtect Hex is designed to change the look and feel of the trackpads. They’re also compatible with most wrap-around skins, too. 

Each sticker features a honeycomb texture, so instead of flat slippery trackpads, you now have something to feel under your thumbs, which is bound to increase precision.

Price: $12.95 | Availability: Click here to check it out on the ColoredControllers Website

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