TRIMUI Smart Confirmed, Specs Revealed

TRIMUI has revealed a new console.

Speaking to RetroResolve, TRIMUI has confirmed the TRIMUI Smart console is real and what this micro console will be capable of.

Although Trimui lacks the name power of the Anbernics and Ayns of this world, there’s still a dedicated fanbase to the company’s previous offering the TRIMUI Model S – a transparent micro console that makes the Miyoo Mini look like a Steam Deck.

While the TRIMUI Model S wasn’t the most powerful product on the market, its form factor and affordable $60 price point proved a winning combo for many.

TRIMUI Smart Specs

The yellow version of the TRIMUI Smart micro console.

To put the size of this console in perspective, a credit card is 85.6 millimeters long. The TRIMUI Smart comes in at just 25 millimeters longer than that. It’s tiny!

The specs aren’t super powerful, but then they’re also not meant to be. This is an affordable console with a focus on making it as small as possible. While more power is always a good thing, the super-affordable bracket has been losing companies constantly.

Anbenric is aiming for the mid-range and consoles like the Win600 show the company has larger ambitions. Then there are companies like Ayn who hover around the $200 mark. Sure, the Ayn Loki looks great, but with the cheapest offering coming in at $239, that’s hardly affordable is it?

It’s easy to understand why companies would avoid the cheaper price points, but surely the success of the Miyoo Mini proves creating high-quality, low-cost devices is completely possible.

  • CPU: Allwinner S3
  • RAM: 128MB of LPDDR3
  • Screen: 2.4-inch IPS, 240×320
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Storage: 8GB internal with MicroSD expansion slot
  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery: 1000mAh (around three to five hours per charge)
  • Size 110mm by 58mm by 15mm

What Can the TRIMUI Smart Emulate?

The TRIMUI Smart in white along with the size of the console.

Judging from the specs, the idea behind the TRIMUI Smart is to focus on entry-level retro gaming. Think the early Sega and Nintendo Systems, some PC Engine stuff, that sort of thing.

PS1 could technically be possible but may be pushing things. Plus with just one thumbstick and no secondary triggers, it wouldn’t be enjoyable anyway.

But if it’s the Sonic and Mario type of games you’re after, the TRIMUI Smart should be able to run the relevant systems without too much hassle.

Of course, we’ll need to wait until the TRIMUI Smart console is in people’s hands to judge it fully, but the specs are there on paper.

  • Nintendo: NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour
  • Arcade: MAME
  • Sony: PS1
  • SEGA: Genesis/Mega Drive
  • Other: PC Engine

How Much Does the TRIMUI Smart Cost?

As of right now, the TRIMUI Smart comes in at $98.93/£84.58 and is available for purchase on AliExpress. As more units make their way outside of China, we’ll be sure to update this article to reflect the different prices when it hits retail.


It’s clear who the TRIMUI Smart handheld is aimed at. It’s designed for fans of the smaller consoles. If you haven’t put the Miyoo Mini down yet, this console is for you.

If it’s high-end emulation you’re after, then of course this isn’t for you.  Something like the Powkiddy X28, RG505, or RG353V is probably more your thing. But if you’re after something for under a hundred bucks to play the older retro classics on, and you love the smaller form factor, the TRIMUI Smart is a console worth keeping an eye on.

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