The Tomtoc Steam Deck Case Is a Solid Budget Option

Photo of the Tomtoc Steam Deck case with my Steam Deck inside and powered on.

You won’t have heard of Tomtoc yet, and that’s totally fine. In the Steam Deck accessories arms race, it’s a much lesser-known brand compared with the likes of JSAUX or Dbrand. 

But what Tomtoc offers is sure to pique some interest. If you’re after budget alternatives, Tomtoc is a solid option to keep in mind. 

TomToc Steam Deck Carry Case 

I got sent the Tomtoc Steam Deck carry case a while ago and sure, it’s not on the same level as the Dbrand Killswitch – the design is kinda flat and lacks any sense of personality. But in terms of getting the job done – i.e protecting the Steam Deck – it does what it needs to at the cheaper price of $29.99. 

The inside has a pouch for storing SD cards, which is a nice touch, and the EVA hard shell itself feels sturdy enough to withstand small drops or accidental knocks. 

If you’ve lost your original Steam Deck case and don’t want to drop funds on a more premium option, the Tomtoc case is a pretty wallet-friendly alternative. 

There’s also a Tomtoc Steam Deck Carry Bag

Photo of the front of the TomToc Steam Deck carry bag.

Tomtoc also sent over its Steam Deck carry bag for me to check out. In short, the pros and cons are the same as the case. Visually it’s generic, but Tomtoc understands what’s needed in something like this. 

Inside, the Steam Deck has a padded space it almost slots into. It’s a small touch, but the foam padding surrounding is sure to offer up extra protection when you’re commuting and run into that one guy not looking where they’re going. 

There’s also a handy zip compartment for storing any extra microSD cards. I’ve got Windows installed on an SD card, so being able to take it out with me without needing to worry about it getting lost is super helpful. 

The rest of the bag has plenty of space for chargers or something like a JSAUX dock or the Razer Wolverine V2 controller. Hell, you could whack the Razer Edge handled in it and still have loads of space left. 


Both Tomtoc products aren’t likely to win any beauty awards. But for what they’re designed to do, they do exceptionally well. 

I’m intrigued to see what Tomtoc brings to the Steam Deck space. If the company can get on top of the visual side of things and make the products more eye-catching, there’s a chance Tomtoc could be a major player in the future. Tomtoc gets how to make something useful, it just needs to learn how to make something more appealing. 

All photos captured by Wesley Copeland. Review samples provided by Tomtoc.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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