Marvel Legends Spider-Punk Is a Must-Have Figure

How well does the Marvel Legends Spider-Punk figure stack up? It’s good. As someone who collects the Spider-Verse figures, this figure was one I couldn’t pass up, and the end result is even better than I was expecting. 


A zoomed out photo of the Spider-Punk Marvel Legend striking a guitar-playing pose.

Figures like Spider-Punk live and die on how poseable they are. There’s no use in picking up a figure like this if it’s only able to articulate a handful of poses, right? 

What’s amazing about the Marvel Legends Spider-Punk is despite the elements working against it, it’s one of the most fun to pose Marvel Legends of the last few years. 

The guitar strap is a little too long and sometimes gets in the way, and the leather vest does limit posing options slightly. The vest may get in the way, but what’s important is it doesn’t limit the ab crunch and only really limits shoulders when striking a T-pose. For angling the arms directly up, it’s not an issue. 

Of course, with the more spindly characters from Across the Spider-Verse, posing isn’t quite as easy as the chunkier Marvel Legends, but it’s a problem that’s easily adjusted to. And to be honest, I found extending Spider-Punk’s legs out normally balances out most poses, so if you do get stuck, spread those legs a bit for extra balance. 

  • Double jointed elbows
  • Double jointed knees
  • Ankle ball
  • Shoulder swivel
  • Hands move up and down
  • Neck swivel 
  • Ab crunch
  • Waist spin

Paint Application and Detail

Close up photo of the back of Spider-Punk's black leather vest with silver spikes on the back.

Hasbro has seriously gone all out on Spider-Punk. From the punk stickers on the guitar to the design on the back of the vest and the colored spiderwebs on the legs, Spider-Punk is one colorful figure. 

I didn’t spot any quality control issues with the figure I purchased, and all the prints line up correctly. Even the spiderweb design on the mask lines up well with the continuation on the chest. It does look like a large badge on the back of the vest isn’t colored, but it’s honestly not an issue. The badges on the front of the vest are colored, so that’s enough for me. 


Close up photo of the front and back of the Spider-Punk box.

The most obvious accessory is the guitar, but Spider-Punk also comes with a web-shooting hand that also doubles up as rock bullhorns for posing.

Admittedly, I found the accessories to be conflicting. On one hand, you’ve got the guitar, which is the real star here. But on the other, there’s no extra head, no build-a-figure, and no extra hands outside of the web shooter. 

As I say, I’m torn. Extra accessories are always welcome, but given how great Spider-Punk as a figure is, and the fact there’s so much detail that’s been put into making him look like he should, I’m finding it easy to forgive Hasbro. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything because what I do have is so great. 

I’m sure some collectors will feel differently, but for those of us who just wanted a really good Spider-Punk figure to pose and display, there’s enough here to be excited about. 


Close up, angled photo of the Marvel Legends Spider-Punk figure standing front-on by Miles Morales and Spider-Man 2099 from the same wave.

Spider-Punk is one of those Marvel Legends that you need to see in hand before you make any decisions. Once you can get a close-up look at all the details that go into this figure, and how freaking cool he looks with his guitar, you’ll either love it or hate it. 

I’m of the mindset Spider-Punk is one of the best Marvel Legends figures Hasbro has put out in years. The color pops, posing options are exceptional, small details are off the charts, and above all else, it’s a fun figure.

Yeah, a build-a-figure and some extra accessories would have been nice, but there’s enough here to justify the price of the figure. 

If you’ve got an Into the Spider-Verse or Across the Spider-Verse display, or you’re looking to start one, Spider-Punk is one figure all collectors need in their collection. 

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All photos were captured by Wesley Copeland.

Wesley Copeland
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