Dredge on Steam Deck Settings and Performance

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Dredge on Steam Deck Performance

Screenshot from Dredge showing a small bot approaching a larger Victorian style house on a small, rocky island.

Dredge is out here making my job very easy. Performance out of the box is solid and consistent on Steam Deck. Even with shadows and reflections on, Dredge rarely drops enough frames for it to be enough of an issue. 

Dredge feels like it’s been optimized with the Steam Deck in mind. GPU usage reaches around 54 percent, which leaves plenty of space available for when it’s needed. For comparison, Resident Evil 4 frequently sits at 97 percent when it comes to GPU usage. They’re different games for sure, but Dredge shows how optimizing GPU usage results in stable and fluid performance. 

Dredge also doesn’t chug battery juice. The battery drain averages out at around 10.2 watts, meaning you can get roughly three hours of usage at a TDP setting of 10. 

Dredge on Steam Deck Settings

Screenshot from Dredge on Steam Deck showing the morning sun creeping over the mountains in the distance.

Due to how Dredge performs on Steam Deck, there’s no reason to change any of the default in-game settings. 

The only potential barriers were the anti-aliasing, shadow quality, and reflections – all of which work turned on or set to high with little to no frame drops. 

There really is no reason to change anything aside from the TDP setting. By default, the Steam Deck outputs at 15, but the full 15 isn’t needed at all. Whack it down to 10 and you won’t need to worry about the fan whirring loudly and you’ll save a decent amount of battery. 

Dredge (In-game Settings)
Resolution 1280×800
Screen Mode Borderless Window
Anti-Aliasing On
Shadow Quality High
Reflections On
Steam Deck Settings (Quick Access Menu)
TDP: 10 Estimated Battery Life: 3 Hours
Docked Mode Resolution: 1280×700 FSR: ON (Docked Mode)
GPU Usage: 54% Temperature: 54 degrees
Battery Drain 10.2w
Extra Info
Fills the Entire Steam Deck Screen Yes
Valve Grading Verified
Performance Rating: 4/5

Bugs and Issues

Honestly? There aren’t any bugs or issues worth noting. It’s smooth sailing throughout.


Screenshot from Dredge. A small boat sails between rocks with the sun high in the sky.

Dredge is part sailing sim, part horror game, and the result is truly something you won’t be expecting. It’s relaxing, but frequently sails into unfamiliar territory that’s sure to keep the player wondering what’s next. 

On Steam Deck, it’s one of those verified titles that easily justifies its certification. Performance is as smooth as a slack tide and visually Dredge is like the morning sun bouncing off untroubled water.  

Dredge is a unique experience that comes easy to recommend. Just be warned, like the monger you frequent, there’s something fishy in these waters.

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All images captured on Steam Deck. Review code provided by Team17.

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