Valve Releases Jedi Survivor Steam Deck Update

Valve is always pushing new updates for the Steam Deck and the latest batch brings some good news for owners of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. 

SteamOS 3.4.8 brings with it an update that improves performance in Jedi Survivor and updated graphics drivers. For those yet to try it out on Steam Deck, Jedi Survivor has faced a rough launch in general. On PC performance and bugs were aplenty, which naturally translated over to the Steam Deck. Factor that with how high-tech the game is and the chances of it running smoothly on the Deck was always going to be a challenge. 

I’ve just tried out the latest update and it’s definitely an improvement. It’s still not a smooth 30 frames per second, but the framerate now sits mostly between 26 and 31 frames, with drops below that threshold. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s got me wondering how well it could work now if you installed CryoUtilities on the Steam Deck. I’ll keep you posted. 

Elsewhere in the update, Splitgate also got some driver updates to avoid a GPU crash, and on the beta channel, you’ve got some useful bug fixes and a much-needed tooltip to explain what all that “Other” data is on your storage. You know? The yellow bit that’s somehow larger than your actual game files. Handy!

Check out the full patch notes below…

SteamOS 3.4.8

  • Updated graphics driver with a fix for a GPU crash in Splitgate
  • Updated the graphics driver with performance improvements for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

SteamOS Beta Client Update

In-Game Overlay
  • Fixed [an[ issue where the tabbed browser would load up web pages from a previous session when not pinned. These web pages should only be restored if the tabbed browser was pinned or when the tabbed browser is made visible.
Desktop Mode
  • Added a tooltip to “Other” section in storage settings to explain what it contains
  • Fixed occasional crash when toggling a game’s favorite status through the play bar on the game details page.
  • Fixed maximized windows intermittently being sized incorrectly
Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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