Steam Deck Verified and Playable Highlights – July (2023)

With a new week comes a bunch of new Steam Deck ratings. Below are some of the highlights worth checking out. 

Lies of P (Playable) 

Promo shot from Lies of P showing a giant robot policeman hold the main character, P.

Like Bloodborne? Lies of P is a retelling of the story of Pinocchio if it were created by From Software. 

There’s a demo available on Steam right now and it works surprisingly well on the Steam Deck. From what I’ve played, Lies of P really sticks close to the Bloodborne inspiration. Maybe too close? The world feels gloomy and heavy, combat is a vicious dance of well-timed strikes, and visually it gets the aesthetic right.

Whether Lies of P will be this year’s breakout star remains to be seen. But so far, it’s got enough going for it to be worthy of keeping an eye on.

Release Date: September 19, 2023.

Samurai Survivors (Verified)

Promo shot of Samurai Survivors showing a pixelated main character attacking pixelated enemies.

If the screenshot above didn’t give it away, Samurai Survivors is yet another Vampire Survivors clone. 

You know the score by now: One stick controls the action, collect power-ups, kill thousands of enemies at once. 

As someone who has played probably too much Vampire Survivors, I’m always down for more. Is adding a Samurai hook enough to justify a purchase? That’s hard to say, but if you’re itching for more, the $4 price tag means you can get your fix without breaking the bank. 

Release Date: Out now.

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh (Playable)

Promo shot from Watchmen: The End Is Nigh showing Rorschach attacking a street thug in a dark alley.

Remember that very okay Watchmen game from 2009? Well, it’s now playable on the Steam Deck. 

Watchmen: The End Is Nigh acts as a prequel for the also very okay Watchmen movie. It’s fine, honestly, it’s fine. It’s a standard beat-’em-up with some killer visuals for the time, but not much else. The comic scenes were decent, but it ends up being a bit of a repetitive slugfest. 

Release Date: Out Now

Call of Duty 2 (Playable)

Promot shot from Call of Duty showing soldiers running and firing as a cloudy sky hangs above them.

2005’s Call of Duty was an important game. Released with the Xbox 360, it became the go-to online game for those looking to talk trash and play with their buddies. 

It’s arguably been overtaken by better Call of Duty titles since then, but if you want to retread the past and get a retro hit of nostalgia, Call of Duty 2 remains an all-time classic. 

Release Date: Out Now

F1 23 

Promo shot from F1 23 showing an F1 racing car on a gray tarmac suface.

Cars! That move fast! Really fast! I don’t watch or play F1 in case you couldn’t tell, but judging from the reviews I’ve just read the latest game, F1 23, is pretty good. It sure looks it that’s for sure. 

PC Gamer called the game “a convincing and gigantic F1 experience,” while TheLoadout called it “the best F1” game they’ve ever played. Sounds good if you’re into that sort of thing. 

Release Date: Out Now



  • This game sometimes shows mouse, keyboard, or non-Steam-Deck controller icons.
  • Entering some text requires manually invoking the on-screen keyboard.
  • Some in-game text is small and may be difficult to read.
  • This game supports Steam Deck’s native display resolution but does not set it by default and may require you to configure the display resolution manually.
  • All functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration.
  • This game’s default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck.


  • All functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration.
  • This game shows Steam Deck controller icons.
  • In-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck.
  • This game’s default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck.
Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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