Steam Deck Gets 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless Support

Another day, another update. This time it’s for the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless controller dongle.

The latest update is part of the Steam OS Preview, which folk can try out via the beta channel in the Steam Deck’s settings menu.

Alongside support for the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless comes the far less exciting rumble support for the built-in hid-steam controller driver along with a fix for a USB crash tied to specific controllers like the Hori Fighting Stick α.

What Is the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless?

Hands holding the white 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless

The 8BitDo has become a staple for those who like to think outside the box. The controller quality is much closer to the real thing when compared with those cheap, clicky controllers parents buy for their kids to break. Plus the 8BitDo wireless dongle makes life so much easier. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

Being able to take a decent controller and then syncing it to the dongle makes playing games on Switch feel more natural if you’re not climatized to the convex Switch thumbsticks.

The 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless boasts a pack-in dongle, a (you guessed it) wireless controller, and a charging dock that’s compatible with Windows PCs, Raspberry Pi, and Android 9.0 devices and up.

What’s so interesting about it? Back paddles, baby! As someone who’s been using a PS5 controller when the Steam Deck is hooked up to the TV, not having back paddles to scroll or assign functions to feels like you’re missing a limb.

Hopefully this new support for the 8BitDo Ultimate Wireless may solve that minor issue.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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