Sony Unveils New Handheld Project Q

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At a Glance

  1. The Project Q handheld will be released later in 2023.
  2. Features an eight-inch LCD screen.
  3. The screen is capable of up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.
  4. Is primarily focused on Streaming PS5 games.
  5. Controller grips include adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

The News

After months of speculation, Sony has unveiled its latest PlayStation handheld codenamed Project Q. 

The new device is a streaming console for those who wish to play their PlayStation 5 games over an Internet connection. Want to bash skulls in God of War while sipping on Starbucks? You can, so long as you’ve got a solid internet connection. 

A firm release date wasn’t revealed, but Sony’s Jim Ryan says Project Q will launch later this year. Fall would be my guess. 

In terms of specs, Sony hasn’t given too much away other than Project Q will feature an eight-inch LCD screen that’s capable of up to 1080p at 60 frames per second and the Dualsense controller built into the device will feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. 

Price (Speculative)

Screenshot of the white Project Q console with God of War running on the main screen on a gray background.

Sony hasn’t said how much Project Q will cost, but given what’s available on the market, it’s possible to make an educated guess. 

Here’s my working out: The Logitech G Cloud costs $349.99, although Logitech often slashes the price to $249.99. The Razer Edge, meanwhile, comes in at $399.99. Both the Logitech G Cloud and Razer Edge are fully-fledged Android devices, so if Sony wants to beat those consoles, Project Q needs to come in under that price bracket. 

I think Project Q launching at a $249.99 price point would make the most sense. That said, it all depends on what exactly Project Q is capable of. 


Project Q is a device that lets players stream PS5 games. That’s it. That’s all Sony has said. There are still so many questions that need answering. 

Is it an Android device? If so, what else can it do? If it isn’t an Android device, then what’s the operating system like? Can you only stream games or can it do anything else? 

These are the questions most handheld fans are currently wanting to know. With the Logitech G Cloud and Razer Edge, they’re both pitched as streaming devices but they can do so much more. Emulation, Android gaming, watching movies – both of those devices operate like a luxury phone that also happens to be great for game streaming.

If Sony is only focusing on game streaming, then it’s going to have to make the case as to why potential owners should pick up Project Q over literally any other Android device, some of which are likely to be much cheaper. 

It’s still early days, so it’s hard to draw any full conclusions. The idea of a device with a Dualsense built into the design is exciting but it’s worth tempering expectations until we know more.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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