Someone Found an Infinite Money Glitch on Steam

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In completely breaking the Steam Summer Sale, one YouTuber has found a way to game the system. 

YouTuber The Spiffing Brit decided to see whether the latest Steam Sale could be exploited. The plan? As seen in the video above, The Spiffing Brit set out with a fiendishly devilish plan: Buy Steam games, sell trading cards. 

Trading cards, generally, aren’t worth much by themselves. On average you’re looking at around five cents, per item if that. But what happens if you buy more than one game? What about spending over £800 (about $1000) on a bunch of game collections (games and their DLC)? That’s where things get interesting. 

Due to how many items are in each of the game bundles, The Spiffing Brit ended up with well over 1000 trading cards. It took him around half a day to list and sell all the items, after which he requested a refund of all games and DLC he’d purchased thanks to Steam’s (probably overly-)generous refund policy. 

How much did The Spiffing Brit make from his £800 heist? Around £40 ($50). Not the greatest amount for how much effort went into this but hey, free money is free money. It’s almost enough to buy a full-price game. 

If you’re wondering how many trading cards you’d need to buy to get a Steam Deck, the answer is over 10,000. 

Of course, we don’t know whether Valve will be in touch to remove the ill-gotten gains from The Spiffing Brit’s account, or whether this is breaking a few hundred laws at once. Maybe don’t try this at home, yeah? 

Thanks to Hi-Tech Lo-Life for the heads up.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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