Retroid Pocket Flip Is a New Clamshell from GoRetroid

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GoRetroid has revealed the Retroid Pocket Flip – a clamshell retro console that conjures up images of the DS Lite. 

The new console follows in the footsteps of GoRetroid’s previous handhelds in the Retroid Pocket Vertical, Retroid Pocket 2, and Retroid Pocket 3.

Going from the above-mentioned consoles, up to PS2 emulation is where the Retroid series shines. These are consoles that pack in a solid amount of power and a mostly responsive operating system, all at a reasonable price point – something companies like Anbernic are still struggling with. 

What’s interesting about the Retroid Pocket Flip is it appears to take what makes the DS Lite such a popular entry while adding modern touches, like the dual sticks. 

GoRetroid hasn’t released any information regarding what it can do yet or how much it’ll cost, but on the visual side of things, I’d say the Retroid Pocket Flip has a chance to be a serious contender.

Retroid Pocket Flip Specifications

Promo shot of three of the five Retroid Pocket Flip colors.

The specs of the Retroid Pocket Flip are nice and meaty. It’s a very similar setup to the Retroid Pocket 3 in fact. 

In terms of what it’s capable of, these specs should allow it to run up to PS2 before needing to take a breather. 

CPU Dual-core ARM Cortex A75 at 2.0 GHz
GPU Mali-G52 MC2 at 850MHz
RAM 4GB LPDDR4x at 1866 Mhz
Storage 128GB eMMC
Screen Size 4.7-inch touchscreen at 750×1334
Backlight  450 nits
HDMI Output 720p
Connectivity Bluetooth 5 – 2.4G and 5G
Operating System Android 11
Battery Size 5000mAh

Retorid Pocket Flip Price

Promo shot of two of the five color options for the Retroid Pocket Flip.

The cheapest model of the Retroid Pocket FLip comes in at $159, while the more expensive watermelon and limited edition sports red come in at $164 a pop. 

Pre-order offers are available for those who purchase early. If you order between March 22 to March 24 you can save $10, or $5 from March 25 to 28. 

The first batch of consoles are due to be shipped out on April 11. The pre-order link isn’t live yet, but it’s sure to be on the Retroid Pocket website in the coming days.

Sports Red $164
Watermelon $164
Black $159
Indigo $159
16-Bit US $159


Obviously, the specs decide whether this is a good purchase or not, but it’s also worth noting there aren’t many clamshell designs out there despite there being a huge market for them.

Not only does the design protect the screen, it means you can get away with a larger screen while still keeping the device portable. Combine that with active cooling and the drift-free hall effect joystick and the Retroid Pocket Flip is a very tempting prospect.

GoRetroid has nailed the price and is offering up competitive, powerful tech. It’s safe to say, unless something goes horribly wrong, the Retroid Pocket Flip could be one of the best new consoles of the year. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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