Proton GE 7-42 Released: Includes Updates and Fixes

Glorious Eggroll has released the latest Proton GE, version 7-42.

The latest outing includes updates to dxvk-nvapi, dxvk, vkd3d, along with a host of different proton fixes. If you’re yet to check out Proton GE, be sure to check out my guide to getting Proton GE set up correctly on the Steam Deck. It’s much easier than you think. Promise.

For those unfamiliar with Proton GE, think of it as a custom version of Proton with a different set of fixes. Whereas Proton is developed by Valve, Proton GE isn’t. If Proton doesn’t work with a certain game, Proton GE may be the difference-maker.

If you’re wondering what else is new with this update, take a look at the full patch notes from the Proton GE Github below.

Proton GE 7-42 Patch Notes in Full

  • Pull in upstream build changes from proton experimental
  • update dxvk-nvapi
  • update dxvk
  • update vkd3d
  • update media converter
  • update wine to latest proton experimental bleeding edge
  • rebase wine staging
  • dxvk: add launcher fix for secret world:legends
  • protonfixes: add d3d9_43 and 11_43 winetricks for secret world: legends
  • protonfixes: remove no longer needed fps cap for king of fighters
  • protonfixes: remove no longer needed EAC workaround for SQUAD
  • protonfixes: add protonfix for Skeleton Boomerang
  • protonfixes: add protonfix for Re-Volt
Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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