Powkiddy RK2023 Pure Black Arrives Online

Powkiddy is gearing up to release a pure black version of the RK2023 handheld game console. 

What You Need to Know

  • The ‘pure black’ RK2023 features an all-black design.
  • It introduces Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Pre-sale price is the same as the original RK2023 model.
  • The RK2023 is capable of playing up to N64 games.

What’s New

In terms of what’s new, the pure black RK2023 shares the same innards as the previous model, but this version comes with a Wi-Fi module and drops any inkling of color for a full black finish. 

What Games Can the Powkiddy RK2023 Play?

Close up promo image of the Pwkiddy RK2023 in black showing the underside and front of the console.

The Powkiddy RK2023 comes equipped with the RK3366 chipset. If you recognize that name, it’s the same chip used in the Anbernic RG353P and is quite popular at the moment thanks to its high power and low cost.

Powkiddy says the RK2023 should be able to play up to N64, which is fairly accurate given what I’ve seen is capable on similar Anbernic devices. I’d also go as far as saying the device should also be capable of running Dreamcast titles, too. 

Of course, it all depends on how Powkiddy has optimized the operating system. But in theory, up to N64 and Dreamcast should be possible.

Here’s the full list of compatible titles according to Powkddy: 

  • MAME
  • Nintendo: N64, Nintendo DS, NES, Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance
  • Sony: PlayStation
  • Sega: Mega Drive/Genesis
  • Misc: Capcom Pocket 3, NEOGEO

Powkiddy RK2023 Specifications

Powkiddy RK2023
Display  3.5-inch IPS display
Resolution 640 x 480
Storage 16GB and 256GB
Battery 3500mAh (about 8 hours of low-spec gameplay)
Charging time 2 hours
Interface:  USB-C, fast charging
Size:  151.5 x 78 z 17.5 millimiters

Price and Availability

Powkiddy has priced the RK2023 at $84.99, although that’s an early bird offer and Powkiddy hasn’t told me how long it’s on for. The original retail price is $119.99. 

The RK2023 is available to order right now on the Powkiddy website with an expected shipping date of June 1, 2023. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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