PDP REALMz Puts a Game World in a Controller

PDP has revealed a new line of controllers that put a game world inside of a controller.


  • The REALMz range of controllers features a transparent shell.
  • Inside each controller is a themed world based on an IP.
  • The first wave of controllers are Sonic and Pikmin-themed.
  • REALMz headphones are also available.

The Full Story.

PDP has showcased the REALMz line of accessories, including wired and wireless controllers and headphones. 

Have you ever seen those stylish resin cases people make? Think that, just in controller form. 

Each controller features a transparent shell with a video game world on the front-facing side of the motherboard. In Sonic’s case, it’s Green Hill Zone. For Knuckles, Sky Sanctuary. 

The controllers also come equipped with a rather stylish mini 3D figurine and have LED lighting. 

PDP tells me the REALMz line of controllers will be available to pre-order on the PDP website and other online retailers from August 25.

Different Models.

The first wave features four different controllers, spanning both SEGA’s Sonic The Hedgehog and Nintendo’s Pikmin. 

The available controllers feature:

  • Sonic.
  • Tails.
  • Knuckles.
  • Pikmin.

The wired controllers are available for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, while the wireless variant and the wired headset are exclusive to Switch.

Price Info.

Pricing starts at $39.99 for the Switch wired controller and wired headset. The wireless Switch controller will set you back $59.99. And the Xbox wired controller comes in at the middle, at $49.99.

  • Nintendo Switch wired REALMz controller: $39.99.
  • Nintendo Switch wireless REALMz controller: $59.99.
  • Nintendo Switch wired REALMz headset: $39.99.
  • Xbox wired REALMz controller: $49.99.


Obviously I’m already thinking of how I could get the wireless version working on my Steam Deck or ASUS ROG Ally. I’m thinking the Deck should, in theory, register it as a Switch Pro controller. Over on the ROG Ally, I’m curious if I could get it up and running as an Xbox 360 controller. I’ll keep you posted!

Overall, though, this is a pretty solid start for the REALMz line. The designs are unique and the pricing is in line with what you’d expect. The PS5’s Dualsense controller retails for $69.99, so it’s well below that. 

The look and shape of the controller is giving me big Xbox 360 vibes as well. And as someone who LOVES that style of controller, I’m always happy to see more companies attempt a new spin on it. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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