Lenovo Outlines First Batch of Legion Go Updates

As the Lenovo Legion Go starts to get into people’s hands, Lenovo Gaming Product Manager Ben Myers has discussed some of the much-needed updates coming to the handheld. 

First up is a batch of VGA drivers, which are said to be arriving in the next 72 hours. You’ll be able to download them from here once they’re live. No details about what specifically this will help with were mentioned, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s something to do with visuals. 

The rest of the updates bar one will be changes to Space – Lenovo’s custom game launcher. A darker interface option will arrive on November 10, and before that, DPI and FPS modes will appear in controller settings once FPS mode has been activated. Improvements are also coming to the Apply Game Profile function, as are optimizations to make the right Legion button faster and easier to use when accessing performance settings and toggles. 

  • Space: Another update coming around November 10th, and another 2-4 weeks after that.
  • Space: Darker UI option will be released around November 10th
  • Space: DPI Settings for FPS mode will appear in Controller settings once FPS mode is toggled on (already implemented in
  • Space: Right Legion button optimizations are being worked on so that it is quicker and more intuitive to access performance settings and toggles.
  • Space: Trackpad DPI and Joystick Deadzone management are [a] work in progress
  • Space: Working on making “Apply Game Profile” more intuitive, some improvements coming around November 10th
  • Drivers: New VGA drivers are coming very soon (within [the] next 72 hours).
  • Gyros: 3 Total, one in each controller and one in the main unit.

As someone who followed the Steam Deck and covered the ASUS ROG Ally launches, problems are always expected at first. One of the big requests I’m seeing from players right now is an option to set custom fan curves. Myers adds that the feature has been requested, so here’s hoping the Lenovo engineers can get that feature added as soon as possible. 

To learn more about the Lenovo Legion Go, check out my breakdown of what you need to know.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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