Latest Steam Deck Update Fixes Borderlands 2 Crash Issue

The latest Steam Deck update is live for beta channel users.

The update in question is mostly bug fixes. No surprise there, to be honest. The big two for many are sure to be that the overlay crash related to Borderlands 2 has now been fixed, and rumble support for Switch Pro controllers connected through USB has be remedied.

The full changelog can be found below.

Steam Deck Beta Client Update – November 28th

The full list of fixes, via the official Valve website, are listed in full below.

  • Fixed size of content in Update news dialog when running with Windows text scaling >100%
  • Fixed lock screen PIN reset process to not show PIN entry screen upon Steam Deck restart
  • Fixed crash when touching gift or new inventory item notification
  • Fixed “show password” toggle to show/hide the password.
  • Fixed On Screen Keyboard no longer showing when requested by the game or Proton
  • Fixed overlay causing crashes on some native games (Borderlands 2)
Steam Input:
  • Fixed rumble for Switch Pro Controllers attached over USB
Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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