Latest ASUS ROG Ally Update Gets It Starfield-Ready

A new update for the ASUS ROG Ally is available to download in the MyASUS app. 

Along with a fix for Adobe Lightroom and Hatsune Mika: Project DIVA Mega Mix plus, the headline of the update is support for Starfield. 

Check out the ever-so-long patch notes below:

  • Added support for Bethesda’s Starfield.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where Adobe Lightroom would hang after applying the mask function.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue that would render abnormal characters in Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega39’s+.

It’s a small update for sure, but as many fans are wondering how well Bethesda’s new space RPG will run on the handheld, it’s good to see updates coming out ahead of launch. 

To download this update just load up the MyASUS app and you should be notified of an update. If you’re not, that’s likely because ASUS updates tend to roll out in waves. 

There’s also been some chat online about problems with AMD Adrenalin failing to open after installing the update. If that does happen, open the Windows Store app and manually update the Adrenalin software. That should, in theory, fix any issues. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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