JSAUX Reveals Steam Deck Modcase, Powerbank, Dock, And More

Accessory manufacturer JSAUX has showcased a slew of new Steam Deck products, including a modular case, powerbank, cooler, 11-in-1 dock, and a portable M.2 solid-state drive case.

There’s a lot to get through so make yourself comfortable. First up, what’s up with the dock?

I’ve been using JSAUX docks for the past month and they are of all kinds of great. The only problem I’ve found is that with the dock with an SSD built in, it doesn’t get enough power to work as flawlessly as it should. That said, JSAUX has previously noted they’re sending out new 65-watt chargers that should fix most problems.

The new dock is capable of 4K at 120Hz, which you’ll likely never use on the Steam Deck but it’s a solid humblebrag for how good this thing is. Elsewhere the dock packs in  HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, and it’s capable of solving most power issues thanks to the 100W PD (that’s ‘power delivery’) charging.

Image showing JSAUX's new products.

(Image credit: JSAUX)

Some rough napkin math: The Steam Deck charger bundled in with the console juggles 45 watts. If the Deck needs more juice, it stops other devices from sucking up juice, resulting in external USB devices struggling to get enough power. If we assume the Steam Deck takes all of the 45-watt charge (it doesn’t but bear with me), then this new JSAUX dock leaves 65 watts available for any USB devices.

Logically, the new dock should be able to house an external keyboard, mouse, wireless headset, and an SSD and still have room to breathe.

Moving on, the cooler is designed to bring down the Steam Deck’s internal temperature, which often runs hot and sounds like a jet that’s about to crash.

JSAUX notes the new cooling system increases airflow from the vents and doesn’t create negative pressure, resulting in temperature reductions of up to 18 degrees. How true that is for the average user isn’t clear, but that’s a loft claim that’s sure to be put to the test.

New JSAUX dock and case

With the modular case, it’s made from eco-friendly PC & ABS & silicone materials, while the edge wrap – designed to lessen shock when dropped – makes use of TPE.

It also features a kickstand, a front cover for when it’s not in use, and a handy little port on the back if you want to pick up any other JSAUX accessories and hook them up.

Less is known about the M.2 SSD case and powerbank add-ons, but I’ll be sure to update the article as more information comes to light.

If you’re looking to pick up any of the new JSAUX items, pre-orders open on December 19, general sales open to everyone on January 9, 2023, and orders are aiming to be shipped on January 11, 2023.

Lastly, there are currently six different sets available coming, each with a different price point.

  • Basic Set: Modular case, metal bracket, strap, and protective case – $29.99
  • Cooler Kit: Includes the modular case and the cooler – $59.99
  • Hub Kit: Includes the modular case and the 11-in-1 hub (dock) – $89.99
  • Power Bank Kit: Includes the modular case and the powerbank – $89.99
  • M.2 Slot Kit: Includes the modular case and the M.2 SSD case – $39.99
  • Ultimate Kit: Includes the modular case, cooler, 11-in-1 hub, powerbank, and the M.2 case – $149.99

It’s worth noting, you can save $10 on some of the above if you pre-order through the JSAUX website.

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Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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