JSAUX Releases Anti-Glare Replacement Steam Deck Screen

Promo shots from JSAUX showing the anti-glar screen protector and information explained in the article.

Didn’t pick up the most expensive Steam Deck to get the anti-glare screen? Well, JSAUX has released a replacement screen that should fix that. 


  • Uses a 1280×800 resolution.
  • Features an antiglare screen and is fingerprint resistant.
  • Costs $89.99.
  • Is available to order now on the JSAUX website (not an affiliate link).

The Full Story.

According to JSAUX, the screen allows for touch without dulling anything and is fingerprint resistant. As someone whose Steam Deck is constantly plagued with finger smudges (I went with the 64GB model and upgraded the SSD), this sounds like a pretty solid investment providing it’s actually good.

In terms of tech, the screen is very similar in specs to that of the original Steam Deck screen. Color coverage is said to be improved by three percent (67 percent versus JSAUX’s 70) while brightness, size, refresh rate, and screen resolution remain the same. 

You can get a full HD screen from DeckHD, but I have my reservations about how much usage a 1080p screen will get on the Deck. Most AAA games need to be lowered to either 720p or 800p to run at a consistent framerate, so what’s the point? Plus the higher the resolution, the higher the battery usage. You may as well stick with 800p gaming. 

Promo shots from JSAUX showing the anti-glar screen protector and information explained in the article.

Price-wise, the JSAUX anti-glare Steam Deck screen comes in at $89.99, which as far as screen replacements go, isn’t that pricey. Just keep in mind it won’t be as simple as switching the SSD out for a new one. You’ll need to take the whole thing apart to get access to the main screen. Although saying that, JSAUX has created some detailed guides to walk you through it. 

What do you reckon? Do you regret picking up the Steam Deck without the anti-glare option? Would you feel comfortable taking the Deck apart? Let me know on the usual channels. 

JSAUX’s Busy Week Continues. 

The JSAUX Steam Deck carry case with a Steam Deck in a background.

JSAUX has been busy this week. Hot on the heels of me reviewing the company’s excellent RGB Steam Deck dock, JSAUX has also released a new carry case.

There are two new flavors available: One is designed for the Steam Deck, while a second is for general handhelds like the ASUS ROG Ally or the plethora of Windows handhelds out there. 

Price-wise, the Steam Deck version comes in at $26.99, while the general handheld alternative is a little more at $29.99.

JSAUX says the cases have been designed to withstand drops and knocks and makes use of thickened EVA. EVA is a type of foam, by the way. Some companies use it for boots as well due to how resistant it is. The more you know!

Each case features an SD card net that looks also perfect for Switch games, a storage area for docks or cables, and a groove in the top to let the Steam Deck schmooze into. There’s also a memory card holder included so you stop losing all those tiny cards. Handy!

Wesley Copeland
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