Handheld Companion Comes to the ASUS ROG Ally

The highly-anticipated Handheld Companion has come to the ASUS ROG Ally. 

For those yet to hear the name, Handheld Companion is an app for multiple gaming handhelds that offers stronger PlayStation controller support, power control, motion control for emulators, statistic overlays, PlayStation Remote Play, and a bunch of other helpful features for those looking to get more control over their handheld. It’s the One Ring for handhelds essentially. 

Build brings with it support for the ASUS ROG Ally. Although it’s worth noting, it’s currently listed as “partial support,” so not all the features seen on other platforms will be available. From the sound of it, one of those missing features is fan control – something I’ve been trying to get to grips with myself on the ROG Ally.

To get Handheld Companion up and running head over to the GitHub release page and download the latest file. Inside said file you’ll find some drivers from Bosch you need to install prior to launch. Those drivers should ensure the ROG Ally plays nice with the Handheld Companion app. 

I’m definitely interested to see how Handheld Companion works on the ROG Ally. As much as I love the device, it feels like it’s missing many of the features that make the Steam Deck so easy to use. Here’s hoping Handheld Companion can help plug some of the holes left by ASUS.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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