Genesis Mini 2 Now Up for Order Everywhere

Following the news Japan would be getting the Genesis Mini 2, Sega has confirmed the remodeled console will also release in North America and Europe.

That console is now officially up for order everywhere.

What Is the Genesis Mini 2?

For those who missed out on the first Genesis or Mega Drive Mini, the Genesis Mini 2 is a Sega-specific emulator box that comes pre-installed with games and hooks directly up to the TV.

In more retro terms, it’s like an official Raspberry Pi, only without the extra hassle of having to set it up. You plug it directly into the TV and power supply and it’s good to go.

Genesis Mini 2: What’s New

The most obvious change in the Genesis Mini 2 is the new case mold, which takes its cues from the Genesis/Mega Drive 2. You know, the very square one that doesn’t look like a weird spaceship.

Next up, the controller is the six-button variant. That’s sure to please many out there. While the three-button joypad is fine for things like Sonic, those looking to tinker with their console and what it’s capable of found it somewhat limiting.

Seriously, try playing something like Street Fighter 2 with just three buttons. It’s perfectly serviceable, but having access to extra options is sure to result in a better experience.

While we’re on the topic of controllers, if you own any from the previous console they’ll still work on the Genesis Mini 2. Neat!

Lastly, and arguably the most important part, the Genesis Mini 2 will include a host of Sega CD games.

Genesis Mini 2 Game List

Image showing a video game in action, complete with borders.

Sega confirmed via Twitter that the Sega Genesis Mini 2 will ship with over 50 titles, none of which featured on the original Genesis/Mega Drive Mini.

We’ve since received confirmation as to what games will be available on the system. The main bulk comes in the form of Genesis titles, but there’s also a heft Sega CD selection and a treasure trove of unreleased games and ports. Nice!

Sega CD/Mega CD Games – Updated

  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Ecco Tides of Time
  • Final Fight CD
  • Night Striker
  • Night Rap
  • Robo Aleste
  • Sewer Shark
  • Shining Force CD
  • Silpheed
  • Sonic the Hedgehog CD
  • The Ninja Warriors
  • Yumemi Mystery Mansion

Genesis/Mega Drive Games – Updated

  • After Burner 2
  • Alien Soldier
  • Atomic Runner
  • Bonanza Bros.
  • ClayFighter
  • Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
  • Earthworm Jim 2
  • Elemental Master
  • Fatal Fury 2
  • Gain Ground
  • Golden Axe 2
  • Granada
  • Hellfire
  • Herzog Zwei
  • Mightnight Resistance
  • Outrun
  • OutRunners
  • Phantasy Star 2
  • Populous
  • Rainbow Islands -Extra-
  • Ranger-X
  • Ristar
  • Rolling Thunder 2
  • Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
  • Shining Force 2
  • Shining in the Darkness
  • Soleil
  • Sonic 3D Blast
  • Splatterhouse 2
  • Streets of Rage 3
  • Super Hang-On
  • Super Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers
  • The Ooze
  • The Revenge of Shinobi
  • ToeJam and Earl in Panic on Funkotron
  • Truxton
  • VectorMan 2
  • Viewpoint
  • Virtua Racing
  • Warsong

Bonus Games

  • Devi and Pii – Previously unreleased
  • Fantasy Zone – New port
  • Space Harrier 2 (and Space Harrier) – New ports
  • Spatter – New port
  • Star Mobile – Previously unreleased
  • Super Locomotive – New port
  • VS Puyo Puyo Sun – New port

Genesis Mini 2 Price and Release Date

Image showing the packshot of the Genesis Mini 2

The Genesis Mini 2 comes in at $103.80/£104.99 and is due for release in North America and Europe on October 27, 2022.

The pricing puts the Sega Genesis Mini 2 in a pretty stellar category. The latest RG353P retro handheld, which can play up to PS1 and some Dreamcast, comes in at  $139.99, so Sega is well below what retro enthusiasts are used to paying. Plus it side-steps the troublesome issue of consoles coming with illegally obtained ROMs.

Is it worth that price? We’ll need to wait and see. Mini consoles live and die by the games they ship with. If the games aren’t what people want, it’s not going to have the retro appeal needed to pull in consumers.

That said, based on what games we do know are coming, it’s looking like a pretty strong lineup. If you’ve been holding off on Sonic Origins and want a more authentic retro experience, the Genesis Mini 2 could be one to keep an eye on.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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