GE-Proton8-23 Released, VR Chat Fixed

Proton-GE – the custom version of Proton that offers a different level of game compatibility – has received an update that fixes the popular social game VRChat. 

Alongside updates to dxvk, vk3d, and Wine, the big news out of this update is that Glorious Eggroll has managed to get VRChat working again. There is a mention that this should be treated as a temporary fix until Valve gets around to releasing a proper fix, so don’t expect this fix to work indefinitely.  

As SteamDeckHQ notes, the GStreamer plugin has also been retooled.

“Rather than enabling everything under the sun, we’ve now manually enabled each option that was reported as enabled in previous builds, and disabled the rest,” reads the patch notes.

“This was done to more align with what Valve is doing and to allow a clearer picture of what may be missing from Valve’s proton rather than taking wild guesses. Doing this may allow Valve a better idea of additional codecs/filters that might be missing in case they need and/or can be enabled (thanks loathingKernel for taking the time to do this).”

If you’re new to the world of Proton-GE and want to get it up and running, I’ve already designed a guide to walk you through every step

Full patch notes follow…

  • added reverts for vrclient to allow VRChat to work again (pending [a] proper fix from valve: ValveSoftware#1199 (comment))
  • the GStreamer plugin build options have been reworked. 
  • dxvk updated to latest git
  • vkd3d-proton updated to latest git
  • wine updated to latest bleeding edge
Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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