Extreme Rate Teases Full Body Steam Deck Shells

It looks like more companies are taking JSAUX’s backplate concept one step further and producing full-on Steam Deck replacement cases. 

Extreme Rate is the brand behind the latest tease. Over on Twitter the company posted a tweet showcasing what’s being worked on. There’s a load of options currently in the render phase, including transparent, solid color, and weird stuff like wood. I’m not sure why you’d want your Steam Deck to look like a bland cabinet but hey, it’s your call. 

Not much was revealed alongside the tease, but feel free to check out the tweet above to view the different options. Obviously I’ll be keeping an eye on this and will update once we hear more. And vote for the purple one. It looks lush. 

For those who don’t recognize the name, Extreme Rate is a gaming hardware modification company. Want a PS5 controller shell with The Joker on? Maybe a blood splatter cause you’re so edgy? It’s that kind of stuff. 

I spotted some decent designs on there, too. I’m digging some of the Switch controller shells and LED light kits. Whether I’d have the confidence to take apart my Steam Deck completely to add a front shell, I’m undecided on. 

I managed to install the JSAUX backplate without blowing anything up thanks to how user-friendly the Steam Deck has been designed. But with backplates, it’s essentially unscrew stuff, pull the old back off, then screw the new one on. With a frontal plate, you’re going to need to remove the entire Steam Deck internals and transfer them over. That’s kind of terrifying. To me at least. 

Although saying that, I know loads of readers will be chomping at the bit to customize their Deck more. Nothing beats making it your own, eh?

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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