EmuDeck Gets Massive New Update

EmuDeck – the all-in-one emulator solution for Steam Deck – just got a massive new update that adds a host of stylish new features. 

Leading the pack is the new easier to understand UI, although I’m personally a big fan of being able to reset emulators on an individual basis. I know I’m gonna get a lot of usage out of that as someone who tinkers probably too much. 

There’s also a bunch of new emulators that have been added and, impressively, a selection of apps I didn’t even know worked on Steam Deck. 

Check out the full list below and be sure to let us know on Twitter what your favorite of the bunch is. 

EmuDeck Store

Want to browse and download the latest homebrew titles? You can now do that via the EmuDeck app. 

UI / UX tweaks

The main EmuDeck UI has gone through a massive upgrade. Everything EmuDeck offers is now much easier to find and scroll through. 

New Emulators

As well as the host of emulators EmuDeck offers, the latest update also adds support for mGBA (Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and GameBoy Advance), MelonDS (Nintendo DS), and Rosalie’s Mupen GUI (Nintendo 64).

There’s also support for Pico-8, and app image versions of Yuzu (Nintendo Switch) and  Cemu (Wii U).

USB Transfer Wizard

Sick of having to transfer ROMs from a Windows PC? Now you can whack them on a USB stick, connect them to the Steam Deck, and EmuDeck’s funky new wizard will do all the work for you. Neat!

Manage Emulators

You can now manage emulators on a per-emulator basis. And yes, that includes resetting them back to the default EmuDeck configurations if you happen to balls up any of the settings while tinkering. Not that I’ve done that and had to reinstall EmuDeck previously to get the settings back. Ahem. 

Migrate Installation

Want to move EmuDeck to an SD card? Want to move it from an SD card to the internal storage? Now you can. 

Cloud Services Manager

Now this is cool. EmuDeck can now add Chiaki, Moonlight, Netflix, Parsec, Disney+ and other apps directly to the Steam Deck. 

Steam ROM Manager

Two new themes have been released. The “Deck” theme is geared towards advanced users, while the “EmuDeck” theme keeps things nice and simple. 

Automatic Steam Input Profiles

EmuDeck can now automatically apply Steam controller profiles so you don’t have to.

[Source, header image via EmuDeck]

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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