Edifier QD35 Is the Gaming PC of Speakers

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Edifier’s QD35 hi-res speakers looks to take its cues from a gaming PC. 

The Lumia Art style, as Edifier has named it, is based on the term from the twentieth-century artist, Thomas Wilfred, who utilized light and color to create works of art. 

The more modern comparison, of course, is with a gaming PC. Rather than sticking with a single mundane colored wall, Edifier has opted to light up the insides of the QD35 speakers to give it a more contemporary flair. 

There are several included presets to cycle through and you can customize the different effects through the Edifier Connect app for iOS and Android. It’s just like a Razer product, then.

If you wondering how the QD35 stacks up, I reviewed it recently and was surprised by how descriptive its sound profile is. 

Edifier QD 35 Specifiications

In terms of what the speakers are capable of, Edifier says the QD35 has been certified for both “Hi-Res Audio” and “Hi-Res Audio Wireless,” so expect pinpoint accuracy. 

What’s interesting is the casing has been designed to balance out the acoustics. The aluminum alloy diaphragm is geared to replicate bass frequencies as low as 60Hz while the one-inch silk diaphragm dome tweeters are there to keep the highs high.

You’ve also got the MazeTube Bass Reflex Channels and TurbMuff Air Noise Suppression Technology, which are there to help keep the port noises and resonance as low as possible. Exciting stuff, right? 

  • LDAC codec with Hi-Res Audio Wireless certification
  • Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless-certified
  • Customizable lighting
  • Bluetooth 5.3, USB-A, Aux-in
  • 40 RMS setting
  • Customized EQ settings

Edifier QD35 Price Info

The Edifier QD35 is available in April, retailing for $199.99/£189.99. 


The Edifier QD35 in white, front-on.

As someone who’s reviewed and loved both the Edifier Stax and the Edifier WH950NB headphones in the past, anything from Edifier comes with lofty goals. The company’s headphones may be lesser known than the Sonys or Sennheisers of this world, but the quality and depth of sound is second to none. 

Can Edifier replicate that crisp sound in speaker form? That remains to be seen. But if Edifier’s latest batch of headphones are anything to go by, the answer could be a resounding yes. 

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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