AYANEO Slide Revealed, Is Like a Big PSP-Go

AYANEO has revealed the AYANEO Slide.

Here’s a quick catch-up: AYANEO first teased the Slide handheld console back in May of 2022. The console is, essentially, the classic AYANEO design with a slide-out screen, the underneath of which houses a keyboard. It’s kind of like an early 2000s mobile phone, only designed for gaming.

AYANEO Slide close up shot of the white console.

During the AYANEO conference, which also saw the follow-up to the AYANEO Air revealed, CEO Arthur Zhang discussed the AYANEO Slide and showed off a few different images.

Details are still few, but we do know the device will feature a six-inch screen, which has become the industry standard of late. That same screen also features step-less adjustment, meaning it can be angled while on the rail. Neat!

The keyboard and joystick rings also light up. And yes, those joysticks are hall effect, so they won’t suffer from drift.

AYANEO Slide Specifications

The black AYANEO Slide on it's side.

AYANEO didn’t go as far as to release the full specs for the AYANEO Slide, but it did give some hints.

It’ll be utilizing AMD tech, and it’ll be “next-gen” within the 7000 series. Given the AMD Ryzen 5 7520U makes an appearance in the AYANEO Air Plus, I’d imagine that’s is a safe bet.

As always, I’ll be sure to update this article as more information is released.

  • CPU: AMD (TBA)
  • Screen: Six-inch, slide-out
  • Color Options: Black/White

Release Date

There currently isn’t a fixed release date in place, but AYANEO did say it was aiming for Q2, 2023.


Screenshot of the white AYANEO Slide from AYANEO's YouTube channel.

2022 was a breakout year for AYANEO. We saw the AYANEO Geek revealed and the AYANEO Air’s lightweight approach provided the first suitable alternative to the Steam Deck.

The slide-out design isn’t anything new. Sony has been doing it since way back, and more recently GPD used the design for inspiration for its GPD Win 4.

The design rocks, and given the biggest annoyance right now with handhelds is the lack of a keyboard, especially those that run Windows, so this is a smart move by AYANEO. Price will, of course, be a factor, but right now the potential in the AYANEO Slide is there.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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