Atari Wants You to Buy 10 Games for $999

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The Atari XP 50th anniversary collectible cartridges bundle will cost $999.99, Atari has revealed. 

The set of 10 collectible cartridges, which costs $999.99, features reimagined carts based on Centipede, Asteroids, Super Breakout, Warlords, Yars’ Revenge, Gravitar, Haunted House, Crystal Castles, Missile Command, and Adventure.

Each of the game’s artwork has been redesigned in the $999.99 pack, and each cart boasts an acrylic topper that lights up when inserted into an Atari 2600 console. 

Atari XP 50th Anniversary Centipede cart, postcard, pin, and badge.

The collectible game pack, retailing at $999.99, also comes with a cardstock poster, extended instructional manual with extra stuff, a hard enamel collectible pin for each game, twill-woven embroidered collectible patch, and digital copies of each of the 10 games for use with the Atari VCS.

Atari also notes only 100 of these $999.99 packs are being produced. 

You can order the $999.99 Atari XP 50th anniversary collectible cartridges over on the Atari website by clicking here

How much will the Atari XP 50th anniversary cartridges cost? According to Atari, just nine-hundred-and-ninety-nine dollars.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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