ASUS ROG Ally Price Leaks, Announcement Incoming

A potential leak from BestBuy may have given us a look at how much the ASUS ROG Ally will cost. 

The BestBuy leak, captured by Twitter user Khumail Thakur, purports the price of the ASUS ROG Ally will come in at $699.99. 

It’s worth noting, the listing is for the 16GB of RAM/512GB SSD version (those specs have already been confirmed as accurate). There are rumors that the Ally will come in several different SKUs, with each model offering different RAM and storage options. That last part is yet to be confirmed by ASUS, though. 

The $699.99 price point puts the ASUS ROG Ally in a similar ballpark to the Steam Deck. One of the big concerns surrounding the Ally has been that the sheer power of the device left people wondering whether the price could be in the thousands of dollars range. This lower price, however, is sure to make people think twice. 

How does that price compare directly with the Steam Deck? Well, the Steam Deck is split over three price entries, with varying storage sizes being the main deciding factor. 

  • 64GB eMMC Model: $399
  • 256GB SSD Model: $529
  • 512GB SSD Model: $649

If this BestBuy leak is true, then that means the Ally will come in at just $51 more than the most expensive Steam Deck. 

As for when we’ll be able to find out the official pricing info, I spoke with ASUS, and while my contact couldn’t confirm or deny the reported price leak, they did tell me the public will be informed on May 11 at 10 am EST/3 pm BST as part of the ASUS ROG Ally launch event

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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