Report: ASUS ROG Ally Closing in on 500K Units Sold

A new report from DigiTimes Asia claims the ASUS ROG Ally has made roughly $318.6 million in total sales so far.

“The recently released ROG Ally handheld gaming console from ASUSTEK Computer has garnered popularity and generated estimated quarterly sales of up to NT$10 billion (US$318.6 million),” reports DigiTimes.

Some rough napkin math: If we round the ASUS ROG Ally price down to around $700 per device, that roughly works out to around 455,000 units sold. 

Of course, prices vary from territory to territory, so take that above figure with a pinch of salt until ASUS releases some official numbers. Still, if the £318.6 million in revenue is accurate, the ROG Ally is off to a solid start indeed. 

Despite the positive reception to the ASUS ROG Ally (I love it), the launch has seen some problems crop up. Recently ASUS confirmed a fault with the micro SD reader that the company says is down to overheating problems. 

As a precautionary measure, ASUS has increased the fan speed of the Ally in a bid to keep the area cool. This has, unfortunately, resulted in overly-loud fan levels of up to 70dB, something many owners aren’t happy about, though you can turn off the CPU performance boost if you want to keep things cool and quiet. 

In other ASUS ROG Ally news, I’ve been playing with the device since before launch and have compiled seven essential tips to make navigating the Windows 11 device much easier

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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