AOKZOE A1 6800U Handheld: Specs, Price, Release Info

We didn’t expect to be discussing a console capable of outperforming the  Steam Deck this soon, but the AOKZOE A1 AMD 6800U handheld is looking like a strong contender to Valve’s crown.

AOKZOE AMD 6800U Handheld Specifications

Image showing Cyberpunk 2077 running on the AOKZOE.

The biggest focal point here is the upgraded CPU. The Steam Deck utilises a custom Zen 2 Van Gough processor, while the AOKZOE handheld opts for the newer AMD Ryzen 7  6800U.

What does any of that mean? Good question. We’re not about to dump a load of jargon on you, but the short version is the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U uses Zen 3 tech with improved per-thread speeds. In simpler terms, it’s newer tech, faster speeds, essentially.

Of course, how AOKZOE will handle the tech is to be the deciding factor. Having high-end power is all well and good, but power only goes so far.

It’s also worth mentioning, with 16GB of RAM and the Radeon 680M, there’s enough power here to make use of the AMD Ryzen 7 6800U. This isn’t a case of one area will bottleneck the other. Everything should, in theory, work in harmony.

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 6800U
  • GPU: Radeon 680M
  • RAM: 16GB/32GB
  • Storage: 512GB/1TB /2TB
  • Screen: Eight-inch IPS display, sRGB
  • Operating System: Windows 11, Steam OS
  • Misc: RGB, Lighting, PD charge, gyroscope

What Can the AOKZOE A1 AMD Handheld Emulate?

YouTube player

AOKZOE is yet to show what the AMD handheld is capable of in the emulation department, but judging from what the Steam Deck can emulate, we do have a pretty solid idea of what it should be able to do.

As a rough guide, the Steam Deck can handle up to PS3. Older retro games from the Nintendo and Sega era should work complete with complex upscaling and wide-screen hacks.

PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360 are more trickier to emulate (especially PS3), and while 100 per cent compatibility may not be a given, a large portion of the catalogue should be very playable. That is, so long as the operating systems aren’t a mess and everything works as it should.

And, of course, it’s a PC system capable of running both Windows 10 and SteamOS, so expect plenty of PC AAA titles to work out the box. The video above showcases Forza, Elden Ring, and Cyberpunk 2077 all running with a stable framerate. Though don’t forget, videos are very easy to fake, so be sure to keep a pinch of salt handy.

  • Sega: Genesis/Mega Drive, Master System, Game Gear, SegaCD, Sega32x, Dreamcast
  • Nintendo: NES, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
  • Sony: PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3
  • Microsoft: Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Game Streaming
  • Misc: PC Engine, WonderSwan, Mame, FBNeo, Neo Geo

AOKZOE AMD 6800U Handheld Design

Image showing Elden Ring running on the AOKZOE

What’s got us most excited here is the console’s design. It looks comfortable, and the extended grips on the back look as though they’d fit snuggly into the palm. That kickstand does have us worried, though.

We’ve also got stacked shoulder buttons, which is great because we don’t need to moan about that for once. Elsewhere you’ve got a huge vent on the back and a secondary three-slot vent along the top next to the USB, USB-C, and headphones ports.

Obviously, with that much power, you’re going to need a fairly robust cooling system, so it’s good to see there are plenty of open areas for air to escape.

The D-Pad looks to be a swivel-disc similar to what we see in the modern Xbox One controllers, and the analogue sticks also mimick the Xbox layout.

It’s a very different layout to the Steam Deck. Whereas Valve kind of smushes everything into the corners, the AOKZOE feels much more spaced out.

As for which is more comfortable to play on, we’ll have to wait and see.

AOKZOE A1 Handheld Release Date

As spotted by RetroDodo, and according to AOKZOE, the AOKZOE AMD handheld is due for release in September 2022, with pre-orders beginning in July 2022.

How many units will be made isn’t yet known.

AOKZOE A1 Handheld Price

  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/512GB – $1099/£925
  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/1TB – $1199/£1009
  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/2TB – $1350/£1135
  • AOKZOE A1: 32GB/2TB – $1499/£1260

AOKZOE has set the price of the A1 handheld and it is, as expected, pricey.

In terms of pricing, we knew this console wouldn’t come cheap. It’s high-tech, not too dissimilar from the AYANEO offerings, excluding the AYANEO Air of course, so it was always going to cost serious money.

For reference, the AYANEO Next is currently retailing for $1285/£1579.

If you’re looking to save on the AOKZOE A1, there are a selection of early bird options for those who purchase the console through its Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Early Bird Pricing

  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/512GB – $899 – 18 per cent off
  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/1TB – $999 – 17 per cent off
  • AOKZOE A1: 16GB/2TB – $1150 – 15 per cent off
  • AOKZOE A1: 32GB/2TB – $1299 – 13 per cent off

Conclusion and Concerns

The pitch here is pretty clear: Lots and lots and lots of power. Need more power? Here’s some more. Have some power to go with your power.

If you’re after the most high-end console possible, the AOKZOE has a tonne of potential. There is a prominent concern here, though. AOKZOE is a new company.

Now, every company is new at some point. Believe us, we understand how important it is for new companies to be given a chance. But we could be talking about a potentially large amount of money per unit here. Our advice? Hold off until others have taken the bite.

There’s nothing to suggest that AOKZOE isn’t legit, but units always find their way to trustable sources like RetroDodo, Retro Game Corps, Droix, Taki Uno, et al. Wait until the pros have had a play, then make your decision. based on what they say.

As always we’ll continue to monitor AOKZOE and keep you updated as more info becomes available to us.

Wesley Copeland
Wesley Copeland

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