Vampire Survivors: How to Unlock Gains Boros After Patch 1.0

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While some characters in Vampire Survivors require a lot of work to unlock, if you want to unlock Gains Boros the dragon shrimp, it’s not actually that difficult once you know where to go. And it should only take around 10 minutes to pull off.

It’s a nice and easy challenge, especially compared with some of the others. So if you want to know how to unlock Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors, here’s the easiest way to get it done.

Step 1: Unlock The Bone Zone

Where the flowers spawn in the Bone Zone

For all this to work, the first thing is to make sure you’ve got the level the Bone Zone unlocked. If you don’t, you’ll need to do that before we get into unlocking Gains Boros.

To unlock the Bone Zone, you’ll need to have completed three levels by reaching the 30-minute mark. Each time you complete a level you unlock the Hyper Mode version for it, and after you’ve unlocked three Hyper Modes, the Bone Zone will be available from the level select screen.

Step 2: Pick the Right Character for the Job

When we did it after the latest patch, we went with Queen Sigma. Believe us, using Sigma to complete secrets makes the whole process a million times easier. She’s got a massive health pool, over one hundred rerolls, and her trademark Victory Sword weapon can make short work of anything.

Plus that aforementioned over one hundred rerolls means you can essentially fully build your character by level 10. No one other character can offer that.

Sure, Red Death is faster, but if you’re looking to obliterate enemies in seconds, completing the Collection to unlock Queen Sigma is well worth tackling before you think about jumping to Secrets.

Step 3: Find the Only One Place Where Flowers Bloom in the Bone Zone

A yellow square showing where to go on the Vampire Survivors map

You’ll notice in the Secrets menu the clue reads: “Find the only one place where flowers bloom in The Bone Zone.”

Compared with some of the other clues, this one isn’t all that vague. But finding that place, that’s where we come in.

Upon loading into the Bone Zone open up the map. If you’ve got this far in the game, you should have a gold ring at the bottom of the map and a silver ring at the top. It’s the silver ring we need to focus on here as ridiculously close to where we need to be.

Close the map and you should see a red path on the ground heading in different directions. Follow this red path north in the direction of the silver ring.

Be warned, though, on the way to our waypoint things are going to get dicey. That’s why we recommend having Queen Sigma unlocked. If you don’t have any of the overpowered characters unlocked, going with Garlic upgraded to level three is advised. With garlic, you should be able to take out low-level monsters without much hassle and can easily sprint to the target.

Another important thing to note, the silver ring is guarded by a powerful enemy who will destroy you if you’re not playing as a high-powered character. They are slow, though, so avoiding them isn’t difficult. Just don’t get hit by them and you’ll be fine.

To avoid this enemy spawning entirely, as we don’t need the silver ring we just need to go above it on the map, go further to the left or right as we approach the ring in a semicircle shape. This will avoid the ring and therefore stop the monster from spawning then swing you back onto the red path afterward. It’s cheap, sure, but if it works and saves you time, who cares?

Step 4: Stand in the Flower Formation

Carry on north from the silver ring and you’ll eventually spot a formation of flowers in a circle slightly left of the path. It’s impossible to miss. So long as you’re sticking close to the red path, you’re sorted.

Once you see the circle, stand at its center. After 10 seconds a jingle will play to let the player know they’ve completed the challenge. It really is that simple. It’s wild how easy this is.

You’re now safe to quit out the run and head back to the main menu. The next time you hit ‘start’ you’ll find Gains Boros in the character selection screen ready to be purchased.

Guide Updated for Patch 1.0 / All screenshots captured in-game by RetroResolve

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