How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

Want to play the original Sonic games with a twist? That’s where Mirror Mode comes in.

This new mode, which is exclusive to Sonic Origins, lets players play through the classic Sonic games in a new way – backwards.

Instead of running from left to right, levels are flipped. Think Mario Kart’s Mirror Mode, only for the original Sonic games. It’s the same kind of deal here.

How to Unlock Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins

Image showing Mirror Mode in action during Sonic Cd in Sonic Origins.

There are two ways to unlock mirror mode. The first involves picking up the Start Dash Pack. If you pre-ordered Sonic Origins, you’ll get that pack for free, though you will need to download it separately from the store the game was purchased from.

The Start Dash pack also grants owners 100 extra coins for use in the Museum area, a new letterbox background for classic modes, and of course, the new Mirror Mode is unlocked from the off.

The second option, and the way most players will do it, is to complete every level in Anniversary Mode.

You’ll need to do this on a per-game basis. So completing every level in Sonic 1 unlocks Sonic 1 Mirror Mode, every level in Sonic 2 for Sonic 2 Mirror Mode, and so on.

Now, it’s important to note, using the Level Select cheat won’t let you skip the unlock requirement. Loading up the final stage and completing it will unlock the corresponding trophies or achievements, but it doesn’t unlock Mirror Mode. Rubbish, I know.

That means you’ll need to play through each game fully until the end in order to unlock Mirror Mode properly.

Is It Worth Unlocking Mirror Mode in Sonic Origins?

This all depends on how much of a fan of the games you are. Sonic Origins includes a lot of different ways to play. Anniversary Mode is the best way to play old Sonic games in the 16:9 ratio, and the new additions like drop-dash and Sonic 3 item boxes in Sonic 1 breathe new life into games some of us know inside out.

Then there are the Challenge Modes, which break the Sonic games into bite-size tasks, and Classic Mode which lets players play the original games unchanged.

As I say, there’s a lot of content to play with, so unlocking Mirror Mode doesn’t need to be a top priority by any means. That said, it’s a fun little addition, and spending more time with games we love is never a bad thing.

Extra Tips for Sonic Origins

If you’re looking to get ahead in Sonic Origins, it’s worth checking out our Sonic Origins cheats guide. There you can learn how to enable Level Select, Debug Mode, and how to become Super Sonic without completing any chaos emerald stages. And yes, with that you can totally skip the annoying Blue Spheres minigame. Great news or what?

There’s also a handy tip to unlock an endless amount of coins with minimal effort, which you should absolutely take advantage of if you’re looking to unlock all the lush content in the Museum.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling to beat Mecha Sonic in Sonic Origins or the Death Egg Robot, we’ve compiled the best pro strategies to beat those nasty robots without breaking a sweat.

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